Honor Related Violence (Kuwait)

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Asmaa, throat slit, January 2005

A Kuwaiti father who killed his 13-year-old daughter by slitting her throat was Saturday ruled "not responsible for his actions" and ordered to undergo psychiatric treatment.

The court ruling, which can be appealed, was based on a report by a special medical commission which concluded that he was mentally ill. Adnan Al Enezi, 40, blindfolded and handcuffed his daughter Asmaa in January 2005 before murdering her because he thought she was no longer a virgin.

During the killing, Enezi changed the first knife for another with a sharper blade while his daughter bled and screamed in pain and as her two brothers and a sister looked on.

Forensic examinations later proved that Asmaa was still a virgin.
Father slit his daughter's throat
Middle East Times, April 10, 2007
Last week a Kuwaiti named Adnan Al-Enezi murdered his 13-year-old daughter, Asma. After handcuffing and blindfolding his pleading daughter, Adnan Al-Enezi cut her throat in front of her two brothers and sister. He thought she was not a virgin. I wasn't surprised to hear that Mr. Enezi supported jihad and had established connections with known militants. Mental derangement rarely confines itself to a single segment of a person's life.

The Al-Arabiya news reported: "The murder report was the talk of the town in Kuwait, especially after people learned that forensic tests proved the girl was still a virgin and that she had not suffered any sexual assault." The italics are mine. Perhaps if forensics had found the girl was not a virgin, there would have been much less talk, though I'm sure for the sake of propriety the talking public would have preferred a pillow had been used instead of a knife.
Letter 8 from Saudi Arabia: The Price of Honor
R. F. Burton, Private Papers, February 20, 2005