Honor Related Violence (Finland)

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Statistics on Honor Related Violence and Killings

This year, within just six months more than 30 women have sought refuge from honour violence at the facility. That is as many as during the whole of last year. As the coordinator at Monika House, Nasima Razmyar has the impression that the rise can be explained by growing numbers of women of marriageable age.
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One problem is that the police do not keep statistics on honour violence... However, police believe that only a small fraction, probably less that 5% of all honour violence incidents come to light. The seriousness of the phenomenon is not understood, even by the officials dealing with it.
Helsingin Sanomat reported on Sunday that according to the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare, thousands of girls particularly in immigrant families with a Muslim background are afraid of their immediate relatives, while being subjected to physical or mental violence.

The reason for the control is the fact that the Muslim family honour is equated with the virginity of their daughters.

34-year-old women, throat slit, November 19 ,2009

A former spouse accused of killing an ethnic Pakistani woman (sitting in the middle behind the paper) will receive the verdict today. On the left is his translator, Riti Sandu, on the right his lawyer Heikki Lampela.
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It is a story in which the victim, a 34-year old Pakistani woman was living in Finland. The killer was the woman’s ex-spouse, who also was born in Pakistan. They had been married during the years 2005-2007.

In District Prosecutor Mark O. Ahonen’s view, it was very premeditated act of murder, a raw ritual slaughter.