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This article analyzes miscellaneous claims of miracles that were too small for their own page. They consist of a mixture of hoaxes and cases of pareidolia. Further responses to miracles can be accessed via the Miracles Index on the right.

Miracles and Analysis

Bees Spell Out Allah

Some Muslims believe bees can write in Arabic and have decided to profess their belief in Allah by jointly writing Allah (الله) on their hive.

The writing is raised above the surface of the bee-wax. This means that it is artificially made by forming the letters manually. The picture can also be interpreted as if the writings are engraved (less likely), still this can be made manually.

The example below shows a honey comb where the phrase "Wodan rules" has been photoshopped into the original picture of a honey comb:

Allah on a Fish

Some Muslims believe the word Abdullah and Muhammad Rasoul Allah are written on the side of this fish. Try as we might, we have not been able to read Muhammad nor Rasoul Allah on this fish. However, we can photoshop images of another fish and claim it's a sign from Allah:

Allah in an Egg Plant

Allah supposedly decided to write his name in this eggplant. If you cut any egg plant as many times as you care to carry on, eventually you will get whatever writings you imagine that would suite your mind. If you look closely at the image, you will also notice the eggplant is browning and turning stale. What sort of message is a decaying Allah supposed to convey to Islam's followers?

Right Hand Spells Out Allah

You can clearly see with the superimposed Arabic lettering that the back of the human right hand does not spell out Allah. Even though Arabic script is quite simple and elegant, it still remains too complex to be the same shape as a hand. If we use the same standards of "likeness" applied here, we could just as convincingly claim the buttocks on a human body, female breasts and the male testicles are also shaped like the Arabic word Allah.

Additionally, why would Allah create hands for us? The answer clearly is to eat and hold materials with our hands. We do this with the palm of the hand and not the back of the hand.When Muslims pray, do they have the palms of their hands towards their eyes, or the back of their hands? Does Allah want Muslims to think of him and his name in a distorted way when they pray to him?

Allah in the Ear

This word (claimed to be Allah) is shown on the ear of a child that is lying down, but how would the word be read if the child is standing up? How was it read when this child was delivered from his mother’s womb? Was it then seen up-side-down? Do Muslims want to say that Allah’s name can be shown first in an ear of a new born baby up-side-down? Muslims celebrating this as a miracle is as silly as Christians celebrating a child born with an ear shaped like an upside-down cross or a Hindu celebrating a child born with an ear shaped like a leg of roast beef.

Also according to Sahih hadith, Satan urinates in the ears of those who do not wake up for prayer. Why would Allah put his name where Satan urinates? Or more accurately, why would Muslims claim such a thing?

Narrated 'Abdullah: A person was mentioned before the Prophet (p.b.u.h) and he was told that he had kept on sleeping till morning and had not got up for the prayer. The Prophet said, "Satan urinated in his ears."

Allah in a Melon

Some Muslims claim that this melon was a sign from Allah, but this picture has obviously been doctored in Photoshop. The white seen in the middle of the red part looks like the skin of the fruit (minus the green part). This trick can be replicated in even the most basic of photo editing software. Water melons where the skin grows inwards do not exist.

Cactus Spell Out Allah

This photo illustrates the obvious manipulation needed to produce these so called miracle photos. These branches are supposed to resemble the word Allah. However, this Muslim had to cut a branch from somewhere else to create the loop of "H" at the end of Allah.

  1. The last branch on the left is attached to the top of the branch next to it in a very acute angle. No plant would grow like this. It is very clear that the last branch on left is stuck to the one next to it, either by glue or tapes on the other side of the branches.
  2. No natural growth can produce such an arrangement, but the upright branches can be artificially fixed/stuck to the rest.

Now, the above picture is an obvious forgery, but the picture below of a cactus displaying an "erection" is not.

Donkey looks like Allah

Is this a miracle?

Further Points to Consider

Many of these claims are not hoaxes, but that does not make them miracles. They are simply flukes. In nature, different patterns form in different objects. Arabic letters, unlike Latin characters, are very simple and graceful in form, meaning with a little bit of imagination one can find them naturally occurring everywhere.

Furthermore, the lettering in these claims of miraculous images spelling out Allah are always different in style to one another even though they are all supposed to be creating the same word. If these pictures are instances of a deity writing his own name, then all his writings should be very similar in style; but they are not. Those who claim that these are miraculous signs from Allah, need to explain why they differ so much in style. Surely they are written by the same hand?

Also consider that many of these claims involve living things, such as animals and plants. as with the case of the eggplant, these things all decay and die. What sort of a message is the word "Allah" written on an object that will eventually start to rot or die supposed to convey to Islam's followers? Is the message that Allah is rotten or dying? Or maybe that his revealed religion, after a period of growth, will start to die and eventually disappear?

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