Holy Terror (Graphic Novel)

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Holy Terror

Holy Terror cover.png
Author    Frank Miller (writer & artist)
Country    United States
Language    English
Subject(s)    Islam, Terrorism
Publisher    Legendary Comics
Released    September 28, 2011
Pages    120
ISBN    978-1937278007

Book Description

Holy Terror is a graphic novel by the legendary comic artist Frank Miller[1] which follows a superhero named the Fixer as he battles Muslim terrorists after an attack on Empire City, a fictional city based on New York.

According to its Amazon.com description, "There's a deadly menace somewhere in Empire City, and The Fixer only has until dawn to save his town - and civilization as we know it! Legendary Comics presents an all-out, head-busting, bone-breaking, neck-snapping brawl of a tale from Frank Miller, one of the most celebrated storytellers of the medium. Years in the making, HOLY TERROR features the desperate and brutal quest of a hero as he is forced to run down an army of murderous zealots in order to stop a crime against humanity."

In a similar vein to classic comics that featured Superman and Captain America "punching out Hitler",[2] the book was originally proposed as Holy Terror, Batman! in 2006, with the plot revolving around Batman defending Gotham City from an attack by the Islamic terrorist group Al Qaeda.[3]

The executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Nihad Awad (someone who refuses to condemn the terrorist organization Hamas),[4][5] condemns Miller’s book, describing it as “shameful”[6]


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