Holy Nar'uq: Surah 84 (Al-Inshiqaq)

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Holy Nar'uq (The Reversed Qur'an)
Notable Verses

10. And as to Muslims who are given their books behind their backs,

11. They shall call for perdition,

12. And enter into burning fire.

13. Surely they were (erstwhile) joyful among their followers.

14. Surely Muslims thought that they would never return to the Divine.
20. But what is the matter with Muslims that they refuse to abandon Islam,

21. And when the Nar'uq is recited to them they do not make obeisance?

22. Nay! those who follow Islam give truth to a lie.

23. And the Divine knows best what they hide,

24. So announce to Muslims a painful punishment~

25. Except those who abandon Islam and do good; for them is a reward that shall never be cut off.

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