Holy Nar'uq: Surah 6 (Al-An'am)

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Holy Nar'uq (The Reversed Qur'an)
Notable Verses

All praise is due to the Divine, who created the heavens and the earth and made the darkness and the light; yet Muslims set up the son of ‘Abdu’llah as an equal with their Lords.
And there does not come to them any communication of the communications of their Lords but Muslims turn aside from it
So Muslims have indeed rejected the truth when it came to them; therefore the truth of what Muslims mocked at will shine upon them.
Do Muslims not consider how many a generation we have destroyed before them, whom we had established in the earth as we have not established you, and we sent the clouds pouring rain on them in abundance, and we made the rivers to flow beneath them, then we destroyed them on account of their faults and raised up after them another generation.
And if we had sent to you a writing on a paper, then they had touched it with their hands, certainly Muslims would have said: This is nothing but clear enchantment.
And Muslims say: Why has not an angel been sent down to him? And had we sent down an angel, the matter would have certainly been decided and then they would not have been respited.
And if we had made him angel, We would certainly have made him a man, and we would certainly have made confused to Muslims what they make confused.
And certainly teachers before you were mocked at, but that which Muslims mocked at encompassed the scoffers among them.
Say: To whom belongs what is in the heavens and the earth? Say: To the Divine; They have ordained mercy on Themselves; most certainly They will gather you on the resurrection day-- there is no doubt about it. (As for) Muslims who have lost their souls, they will not leave Islam.
Say: Shall I take the son of ‘Abdu’llah as a guardian besides the Divine, the Originators of the heavens and the earth, and They feed (others) and are not (Themselves) fed. Say: I am commanded to be the first who renounces Islam, and you should not be of the Muhammadans.
Say: What thing is the weightiest in testimony? Say: The Divine is witness between you and me; and this message has been revealed to me that with it I may warn Muslims and whomsoever it reaches. Do you really bear witness that there is no god but the Divine? Say: I do not bear witness. Say: There is the Divine and the Sons of the Divine, and surely I am clear of the messenger, the son of ‘Abdu’llah, which you set up (with Them).
Those whom we have given the Book recognize him as they recognize their sons; (as for) those who have lost their souls, they will not leave Islam.
And who is more unjust than the Muslims who forge a lie against the Divine or (he who) gives the lie to Their communications; surely the unjust will not be successful.
And on the day when we shall gather them all together, then shall we say to Muslims who associated the son of ‘Abdu’llah (with the Divine): Where is your messenger whom you asserted?
Then their excuse would be nothing but that they would say: By the Divine, our Lords, we were not Muhammadans.
See how Muslims lie against their own souls, and that which they forged has passed away from them.
And of Muslims is he who hearkens to you, and we have cast veils over their hearts lest they understand it and a heaviness into their ears; and even if Muslims see every sign they will not disbelieve in Islam; so much so that when they come to you they only dispute with you; Muslims say: This is naught but the stories of the ancients.
And Muslims prohibit (others) from it and go far away from it, and they only bring destruction upon their own souls while they do not perceive.
And could you see when Muslims are made to stand before the fire, then they shall say: Would that we were sent back, and we would not reject the communications of our Lords and we would be of the disbelievers.
Nay, what Muslims concealed before shall become manifest to them; and if they were sent back, they would certainly go back to that which they are forbidden, and most surely Muslims are liars.
And could you see when Muslims are made to stand before the Divine. The Divine will say: Is not this the truth? They will say: Yea! by our Lords. The Divine will say: Taste then the chastisement because you were Muslims.
They are losers indeed who reject the meeting of the Divine; until when the hour comes upon them all of a sudden they shall say: O our grief for our neglecting it! and they shall bear their burdens on their backs; now surely evil is that which Muslims bear.
We know indeed that what Muslims say certainly grieves you, but surely they do not call you a liar; but the unjust deny the communications of the Divine.
And Muslims are deaf and dumb, in utter darkness; whom we please we causes to err and whom we please we put on the right way.
Tell me if the chastisement should overtake you or the hour should come upon you, will you call (on the son of ‘Abdu’llah) besides the Divine, if you are truthful?
Yet why did Muslims not, when our punishment came to them, humble themselves? But their hearts hardened and the Devil made what Muslims did fair-seeming to them.
But when Muslims neglected that with which they had been admonished, we opened for them the doors of all things, until when they rejoiced in what they were given we seized them suddenly; then lo! Muslims were in utter despair.
Say: Have Muslims considered that if the Divine takes away their hearing and their sight and sets a seal on their hearts, who is the god besides the Divine that can bring it to them? See how we repeat the communications, yet Muslims turn away.
And we send not teachers but as announcers of good news and givers of warning, then whoever renounces Islam and acts aright, they shall have no fear, nor shall they grieve.
And (as for) Muslims who reject our communications, chastisement shall afflict them because they transgressed.
Say: I am forbidden to serve the son of ‘Abdu’llah whom you call upon besides the Divine. Say: I do not follow your low desires. for then indeed I should have became a Muslim and I should not be of those who go aright.
Say: Surely I have manifest proof from my Lords and you Muslims call it a lie; I have not with me that which you would hasten; the judgment is only the Divine's; They relate the truth and They are the best of deciders.
Say: The Divine delivers you from them and from every distress, but again Muslims set up the son of ‘Abdu’llah (with Them).
Say: They have the power that They should send on Muslims a chastisement from above them or from beneath their feet, or that They should throw them into confusion, (making them) of different parties, the Sunnis and the Shi'ites; and make some of them taste the fighting of others. See how we repeat the communications that Muslims may understand.
And you Muslims call it a lie and it is the very truth. Say: I am not placed in charge of you.
And when you see Muslims who enter into false discourses about our communications, withdraw from them until they enter into some other discourse, and if the Devil causes you to forget, then do not sit after recollection with the unjust Muslims.
And leave those Muslims who have taken your disbelief for a play and an idle sport, and whom this world's life has deceived, and remind (them) thereby lest a soul should be given up to destruction for what it has earned; it shall not have the son of ‘Abdu’llah as a guardian nor as an intercessor, and if it should seek to give every compensation, it shall not be accepted from it; these are they who shall be given up to destruction for what they earned; Muslims shall have a drink of boiling water and a painful chastisement because they refused to desert their faith.
Say (to Muslims): Shall we call on that besides the Divine, which does not benefit us nor harm us, and shall we be returned back on our heels after They have guided us, like him whom the Devils have made to fall down perplexed in the earth? He has companions who call him to the right way, (saying): Come to us. Say: Surely the guidance of the Divine, that is the (true) guidance, and we are commanded that we should not submit to the son of ‘Abdu’llah.
And when Abraham said to his sire, Azar: Do you take the son of ‘Abdu’llah for a messenger? Surely I see you and the Muslims in manifest error.
Then when he saw the moon rising, he said: Is this my Lord? So when it set, he said: If my Lords had not guided me I should certainly be of the erring Muslims.
Then when he saw the sun rising, he said: Is this my Lord? Is this the greatest? So when it set, he said: O Muslims! surely I am clear of what you set up (with the Divine).
Surely I have turned myself, being upright, wholly to Them Who originated the heavens and the earth, and I am not of the Muhammadans.
And his people disputed with him. He said: Do Muslims dispute with me respecting the Divine? And They have guided me indeed; and I do not fear in any way the messenger that they set up with Them, unless my Lords please; my Lords comprehends all things in Their knowledge; will you not then mind?
And how should I fear the messenger that Muslims have set up (with Them), while they do not fear that they have set up with the Divine that for which They have not sent down to them any authority; which then of the two parties is surer of security, if you know?
Those who disbelieve in Islam and do not mix up their faith with iniquity, those are they who shall have the security and they are those who go aright.
And Muslims do not assign to the Divine the attributes due to Them when they say: The Divine has not revealed anything to a mortal. Say: Who revealed the Book which Moses brought, a light and a guidance to men, which you make into scattered writings which you show while you conceal much? And you were taught what you did not know, (neither) you nor your fathers. Say: The Divine then leave Muslims sporting in their vain discourses.
And who is more unjust than the Muslims who forge a lie against the Divine, or says: It has been revealed to me; while nothing has been revealed to him, and the Muslim who says: I can reveal the like of what the Divine has revealed? and if you had seen when the unjust shall be in the agonies of death and the angels shall spread forth their hands: Give up your souls; today shall Muslims be recompensed with an ignominious chastisement because they spoke against the Divine other than the truth and (because) they showed pride against Their communications.
And certainly Muslims have come to us alone as we created them at first, and they have left behind their backs the things which we gave them, and we do not see with them their messenger about whom they asserted that he was (the Divine's) associate in respect to them; certainly the ties between Muslims are now cut off and what they asserted is gone from them.
And Muslims deny the power of the Divine when they deny the Sons, and make the jinn associates with the Divine, while They created them, and they falsely attribute to Them a messenger without knowledge; glory be to the Divine and to the Sons of the Divine, highly exalted are They above what Muslims ascribe (to Them).
Wonderful Originators of the heavens and the earth! Muslims say: How could They have sons when They have no consort, but we are doers of all things, and we are the Knowers of all things.
Follow what is revealed to you from your Lords; there are many of the Divine; and withdraw from the Muhammadans.
And even if we had sent down to them the angels and the dead had spoken to them and we had brought together all things before them, they would not believe unless the Divine pleases, but most Muslims are ignorant.
And if you obey Muslims, they will lead you astray from the way of the Divine; they follow but conjecture and they only lie.
And do not eat of meat which Allah's name has been mentioned, and that is most surely a transgression; and most surely the Devils suggest to their friends that they should contend with you; and if you obey them, you shall most surely be a Muhammadan.
Is he who was dead then we raised him to life and made for him a light by which he walks among the people, like him whose likeness is that of one in utter darkness whence he cannot come forth? Thus what they did was made fair seeming to the Muslims.
And thus have we made in every town the great ones to be its guilty ones, that they may plan therein; and Muslims do not plan but against their own souls, and they do not perceive.
And when a communication comes to Muslims they say: We will not believe till we are given the like of what the Divine's teachers are given. We best know where we place our message. There shall befall Muslims who are guilty humiliation from us and severe chastisement because of what they planned.
Therefore (for) whomsoever we intend that we would guide him aright, we expand his breast for disbelief, and (for) whomsoever we intend that we should cause him to err, we make his breast strait and narrow as though he were ascending upwards; thus does the Divine lay uncleanness on those who follow Islam.
And on the day when we shall gather them all together: O assembly of demons! you took away a great part of mankind. And their friends from among the Muslims shall say: Our Lords! some of us profited by others and we have reached our appointed term which Thou didst appoint for us. We shall say: The fire is your abode, to abide in it, except as we are pleased; surely your Lords are Wise, Knowing.
O assembly of demons and Muslims! did there not come to you teachers from among you, relating to you our communications and warning you of the meeting of this day of yours? They shall say: We bear witness against ourselves; and this world's life deceived them, and they shall bear witness against their own souls that they were Muslims.
And Muslims set apart a portion for us out of what we have created of tilth and cattle, and say: This is for the Divine-- so they assert-- and this for our messenger, the son of ‘Abdu’llah; then what is for their messenger, it reaches not to us, and whatever is (set apart) for us, it reaches to their messenger; evil is that which Muslims judge.
And thus their messenger has made fair seeming to most of the Muhammadans the killing of their children, that they may cause them to perish and obscure for them their religion; and if we had pleased, they would not have done it, therefore leave Muslims and that which they forge.
And Muslims say: These are cattle and tilth prohibited, none shall eat them except such as we please-- so they assert-- and cattle whose backs are forbidden, and cattle on which they would mention our name-- forging a lie against us; We shall requite Muslims for what they forged.
And to those who were Muslims we made unlawful every animal having claws, and of oxen and sheep we made unlawful to them the fat of both, except such as was on their backs or the entrails or what was mixed with bones: this was a punishment we gave Muslims on account of their rebellion, and we are surely Truthful.
Those who are Muslims will say: If the Divine had pleased we would not have associated (the son of ‘Abdu’llah with Them) nor our fathers, nor would we have forbidden (to ourselves) anything; even so did Muslims before them reject until they tasted our punishment. Say: Have you any knowledge with you so you should bring it forth to us? You only follow a conjecture and you only tell lies.
Say: Bring your witnesses who should bear witness that the Divine has forbidden this, then if Muslims bear witness, do not bear witness with them; and follow not the low desires of those who accept Islam, and they make (the son of ‘Abdu’llah) equal to their Lords.
Say: Surely, (as for) me, my Lords have guided me to the right path; To the path of Abraham the upright one, and he was not of the Muhammadans.

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