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CCTV images of child abduction and armed robbery, examples of crimes commited using Islamic dress.

This article lists notable incidents where the Islamic observance of Hijab was used in facilitating criminal activity.


Historical Incidents



Recent Incidents


Suicide bombings in 2006,[1][2] 2008,[3][4] 2009,[5] 2010,[6][7] and 2012.[8] Armed attacks in 2002[9][10] and 2011.[11] Smuggling weapons aboard an aircraft then hijacking it.[12] Bypassing security checkpoints.[13]


Armed robbery of cash courier.[14][15] Falsely accusing a police officer of assault, then avoiding a conviction as she could not be positively identified in CCTV footage.[16]


Bank robbery.[17]


Bypassing airport photo ID checks.[18] Bank robbery.[19] Jewellery store robbery.[20]


Opening fire on a bus full of tourists - "Egypt's mostly male police force often let them go without thoroughly checking them".[21][22]


Post office robbery.[23]


Infant theft,[24] gold smuggling.[25] Assassination of political party candidate.[26][27] Bombing.[28]


Prison escape.[29]


170 different crimes committed by 50 people over a span of 2 years in the city of Amman, including store and bank robberies.[30]




Suicide bombings in 2007,[32][33][34][35] 2009,[36] 2010,[37] 2012.[38] Radical cleric attempting to escape police.[39][40] Shooting in 2007.[41] Kidnapping.[42] Vote fraud.[43] Bypassing a security checkpoint.[44]

Saudi Arabia

Armed attack at security checkpoint.[45]


Attacks by insurgents in disguise.[46] Kidnapping.[47] Suicide bombing.[48]

United Arab Emirates

One individual was tricked in to marrying a women who had a beard by wearing a niqab.[49] Fraudster flees country.[50][51] Store robberies.[52]

United Kingdom

Store robbery,[53] acid throwing,[54][55] and armed robberies at jewellery stores.[56][57] Wanted murderer[58] and terrorists attempt to flee the country.[59][60] Murder of husband.[61][62]

United States

Bank robbery,[63][64] mugging, [65][66] child abduction,[67] and shoplifting.[68]


Armed attack against prison to release inmates.[69]

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