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Pending changes protection has been implemented on WikiIslam to help maintain the quality of its content and to minimize site vandalism. This does not contradict the site's claim of being "the online resource on Islam that anyone can edit." All it means is that changes from new editors are reviewed by other editors (usually within 24 hours) before they appear on the website. This is not unusual for a wiki. A common criticism of wikis is that "anyone can edit them, so that mean anyone can insert false information". Pending-changes protection alleviates this issue while also maintaining the Wiki's open collaborative nature.



How can I get an account?

To request account, contact us, and you will readily be provided with a log-in.

Why do I need my edits to be approved?

Edits need to reviewed for two reasons:

  • To make sure new content is factually correct, properly formatted and comply with site guidelines.
  • To prevent vandalism/removal of content by new users

When will my changes be approved?

Changes are approved usually within 24 hours or whenever a reviewer notices your edits.

Can my edits be reviewed automatically?

After it is ascertained that you understand how to make appropriate contributions to the site, you will receive the 'editor' user right which means your own edits will be approved automatically. You can also request the 'editor' right by leaving a message on the talk page.

How can I review other users edits?

Editors with the 'review' right are able to review other editors' changes. Access to the review right can be requested by leaving a message on the talk page. After you have the reviewer right, you can view unreviewed changes to the site on the following two pages:

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