Harm No. 6: Weakness of the Heart

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The 14 Harms Of Casting Evil Glances
By Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar
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Harm No. 6: Weakness of the Heart
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The Cure to Casting Evil Glances

By casting evil glances the thought of that beauty continuously comes into the heart and mind. Through this, the heart is in a continuous struggle and conflict which causes the heart to become weak and sickly. The curse of casting evil glances is that along with the eyes, the five senses and the entire body becomes agitated.

In the commentary of the verse:

ان اللہ خبیر بما یصنعون

"Indeed Allah is fully aware of what they do."

Allama Alousi (رحمۃ اللہ علیہ) explains this verse in his Tafseer Ruhul Ma’ani under four headings:

باجالة النظر Allah is aware of how you turn your eyes around to cast evil glances.

باستعمال سائر الحواس The one who casts evil glances uses all five senses. By using the sight, he tries to look at the unlawful beauty, he uses his hearing to listen to her an unlawful voice, he uses his lips to try to get an unlawful kiss, through his touch he desires to caress the beloved, through his sense of smell he wishes to smell the beloved's fragrance.

بتحریک الجوارح Allah is fully aware of the movements of all the limbs. Allah is watching how he uses his hands, legs and other limbs in order to obtain his beloved. Whereas the perpetrator is totally unaware that Allah Ta'ala is watching his every move.

بما یقصدون بذالک Allah Ta'ala is fully aware of his final aim and that is fornication. This is actually an informative sentence that has a warning concealed in it, that is:



Thus, in this verse there is an indication that he will be punished if he does not repent. Casting evil glances is the first stage towards fornication and illicit sexual intercourse, in which a person becomes shameless, makes himself naked and then humiliates and degrades himself in both worlds. This is why Allah Ta’ala forbade the very beginning stage of casting evil glances. The example of this sin is like an escalator which automatically takes a person to the final stage, as soon as he puts his foot on the first step. That action whose beginning is evil, what can be expected of the end result? I have a couplet concerning this:

عشق بتاں کی منزلیں ختم ہیں سب گناہ پر

All the stages of the love of idols, end in sin,

جس کی ہو ابتداء غلط کیسے صحیح ہو انتہا

How can that thing which begins with evil, ever end in goodness?

Due to the fact that all the limbs and five senses of the one committing evil glances becomes agitated, and the heart becomes involved in a continuous struggle for filthy and evil motives, the body and heart of such a person becomes weak and sickly.

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