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Hans Raj Hans is a singer and politician from Punjab, India.[1] Born into a Sikh family at a village called Shafipur near Jalandhar, he is famous for singing Punjabi folk and Sufi music, has sung in movies and has also released his own 'Indipop' albums. He has worked alongside other renowned artists such as the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (as seen in the movie Kachche Dhaage), and has sung a number of Gurbani shabads (Sikh devotional songs\hymns).[2]


It is claimed that Hans Raj Hans has converted to Islam and had announced his conversion during a three day visit to Pakistan.

Hans Raj Hans, one of the famous Indian singers, a popular name in Sufi Music and Punjabi folk songs, and also a politician, has confirmed media reports in which it was mentioned that he has reverted to Islam.

On a peace mission to Pakistan, Hans Raj Hans while talking to a local news agency said his name would be Mohammad Yousuf for now but he cleared that he will maintain his name 'Hans Raj Hans' for singing industry.

He said he has studied Islam very closely and started reading Holy Quran, and gradually began to understand the essence of the divine revelation. "I listened to the call of my heart and decided to embrace Islam", he said.

"We should follow the teaching of Islam as it is a Religion of Love and Peace", he added.

Raj further said that he felt proud to become a Muslim, adding that he wanted to visit Madinah as early as possible.

He emphasized both India and Pakistan to resolve all the problems with dialogue as it was the wish of the people of both the countries.

Addressing a press conference at Lahore Museum, Raj said that establishment of peace among the two counties was his mission which he would continue.

Later, Hans Raj along with Rana Arshad visited Punjab Institute of Language Art and Culture, Punjabi Complex.[3]


The claim of Hans Raj Hans' conversion originated from a February 19, 2014 interview to a local news agency in Pakistan. Within 24 hours of the story making headlines, Hans and both of his sons, Navraj and Yuvraj, had made public statements concerning its accuracy.

Navraj Hans

Hans' son Navraj promptly asserted that the reports of his father converting to Islam were false.[4] One of his Facebook posts (dated February 20, 2014) state:

Media has always been an important part in a celebrity's life . But its very disheartening to c a false news being printed on all newspapers and online media without realising that these rumors alone can cause his family grief . It's just isn't fair to compromise a person's reputation . And this status is to confirm .... That all these rumors saying "Mr. Hans Raj Hans embraced Islam /Islamic religion" are completely bogus and false pls .... Do not support these rumors by spreading them.[5]

Yuvraj Hans

Hans' son Yuvraj also asserted on February 20, 2014 that the reports of his father converting to Islam were false. Like Navraj, he posted on his Facebook page:

Greetings friends. These days a lot of rumors are flying around, don't take them seriously.[6]

Hans Raj Hans

Hans Raj Hans confirmed his sons' assertions on February 20, 2014, explaining that his statements were distorted by a Pakistani journalist and that he had not converted to Islam:

Indian Punjabi singer Hans Raj Hans has denied all reports of his acceptance of Islam saying that such reports have no authenticity.

Talking to media while going back to India after a three day stay in Pakistan, the Indian singer said that he faced a lot of problem when a journalist distorted his statement and if that journalist would have shown some responsibility, the situation could be avoided.

Hans Raj disclosed that his attachment with Pakistan is not only commercial but because of spiritual centres like monuments of Sufi saints and great teachers of music adding that Sufis have given a universal message of love.

He further claimed that he respects Islam but the news of his acceptance of the religion have no authenticity.[7]

Journalistic Distortions

In his reaction to what he refers to as "distorted" media reports, Coastal Digest reported that Hans Raj Hans said:

I respect Islam but the news that I have embraced Islam has no truth and this is just a joke turned into news... Responding to a media query in Pakistan, I expressed my desire to visit Madinah, the holy city of Muslims. Guru Nanak Dev had also visited Madinah. Every Sikh wants to visit the places that were visited by Guru Nanak.[8]

The Indian news site, Muslim Mirror, also retracted their original story, quoting the singer as saying:

the journalist who spread this news misunderstood me and I always respect Islam... I respect the religion very much but there is no truth in the news that I accepted Islam.[9]

Hans' reaction explains why the original media story claimed "Raj further said that he felt proud to become a Muslim, adding that he wanted to visit Madinah as early as possible." Guru Nanak is the founder of Sikhism and stories of his visits to Mecca and Medina are well-known[10] (for example, they are recounted in the "Sri Gur Panth Prakash").[11] Whether or not Muslims accept these stories (since Guru Nanak was not a Muslim himself), is inconsequential. It would take little imagination for a Pakistani-Muslim journalist to take Hans' desire to visit Medina out of its original Sikh context and distort it into meaning something different.

His reference to the media story as "a joke turned into news" may also explain why the original reporting by the press claimed he had "confirmed media reports in which it was mentioned that he has reverted to Islam," and that he "said his name would be Mohammad Yousuf". It is probable that he was asked about an already existing conversion rumor, and based on his admittedly "friendly relationships" with the Pakistani media, had decided to reply in jest concerning a name change.


The claim of Hans Raj Hans' conversion to Islam is the product of an inaccurate media story originating from a February 19, 2014 interview with the singer conducted by a local news agency in Pakistan. Hans Raj Hans, Navraj Hans and Yuvraj Hans have all made public statements concerning the story's inaccuracy, stating in no uncertain terms that it is false. The singer did not convert from Sikhism to Islam and is not a Muslim.

Hans makes no secret of his respect for Islam, Sufi saints or Pakistan. This is not surprising considering his style of music or the fact that Kartarpur in Pakistan was established by Guru Nanak in 1522[12] and is the location of Gurdwara Kartarpur Sahib, the first Gurdwara (Sikh worship place)[13] ever built. Just as his respect for Pakistan does not make him a Pakistani, respecting Islam does not make Hans Raj a Muslim. It does however make it easier to proliferate false stories concerning both.

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