Gravitational Lensing in the Quran

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Some Islamic apologists claim that the Quranic verses 81:15-16 talk about gravitational lensing.

The verses

Apologetic translation

The verses say nothing about gravitational lensing, even in the apologetic translation:

I swear by those that are invisible (Khunnas خنس), that move, that sweep.

Quran 81:15-16, translated by [1]

Here's a table which shows amount of specific scientific information in the verses:

Topic Amount of information
Gravitation (nothing)
Lensing (nothing)
Dark Matter (nothing)

Actual translation

Although apologists stressed that the word خنس means "invisible", other translations don't translate it as "invisible":

Yusuf Ali: So verily I call to witness the planets (خنس) - that recede, Go straight, or hide;

Dr. Ghali: Then no! swear by the constant sinkers, The running "stars", the constant sinkers,

Muhsin Khan: So verily, I swear by the planets that recede (i.e. disappear during the day and appear during the night). And by the planets that move swiftly and hide themselves,

Pickthall: Oh, but I call to witness the planets, The stars which rise and set,

Sahih International: So I swear by the retreating stars - Those that run [their courses] and disappear -

Mufti Taqi Usmani: So, I swear by those (stars) that recede, that proceed, that withdraw from the scene,

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