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This is a testimony of a Muslim leaving Islam. Views contained in these testimonies are not necessarily endorsed by WikiIslam. See the Testimony Disclaimer for details.
Freethinker Javed
Personal information
Country of origin    India Flag of India.png
Gender    Male
Age    35
Influences    Dan Barker, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris
Other interests    Exploring Information, Learning about Current Affairs
Faith Information
Current worldview Withheld
Left Islam at age 33
Born or convert to Islam? Born into Islam
Parents' worldview Islam

My Personal Journey

“TRUTH” will not demand Belief... TRUTH Stands on its Own Merit ……..
- If ’You are the Chosen One’ (By God), than the non chosen ones are GODLESS.
BAN! Ban and avoidance is the first thing imposed by insecure minds on facts defying religion. The insincerity of looking for confirming explanations without a genuine basis, instead of seeking truth, is the certainty of frailty in beliefs.
In my growing years, when I was asked about Islam from non-Muslims, I was embarrassed that I did not have proper knowledge about ‘my’ religion. An average religious person understands performing rituals as a way of adhering religion and babbles holy text like a parrot throughout their life but one never reads the authentic translation and I intended doing it. After looking to understand sequential events of Islam; the first thread I found was ‘The Message’, a 1976 film. Later i read materials on the net that fosters spiritual attachment and a sense of belonging to ‘my’ religion & god. I was thankful for what god has given me that lesser privileged don’t have. After offering namaz I often glanced and admired god’s name inscribed in mosque and was grateful that ‘God is an Entity who only gives’. Period.

When I read the theologies (Bukhari and Qur'an), I stumbled upon facts that I have never come across in preaches. (Theocrats may say… ‘Actually, you do not understand the contextual or metaphorical verses & phrases in Qur'an and hadith. I understand that what god says and what god means, shouldn’t give two different ideas). First my heart beat dipped. Then my inner voice said, there must be something more to it that I didn’t understand, I need to know more. Seeking the truth is not about consolation, comfort, confirmation of a prior conception. Truth means ‘facing and accepting’ the realty, that can be harsh, cruel, bitter but the false notions are released. The best thing was that I was not afraid about unbiased inquiry following factual information with awareness; I persuaded facts that led me to truth.

Atheism is not a ‘belief’; it’s a ‘Realization’. Atheism is only a relative term to theism and is free of theism, inapplicable to ‘belief’ in any deity. You are born without beliefs. The mind of a child is hijacked by their guardians as it was not preinstalled with beliefs by any god. There is nothing exclusive; a child being indoctrinated and conditioned, imposed into a religion is adhering to it. My experience and the actual edifice of Islam (and monotheistic religions to some extent) are confronted as under...

The Messengers

PRIVATE REVELATIONS: Earlier I used to think, how many times god has to send messengers to prove his existence. However, many of these figures are not traceable in recorded history and turns out to be synonymous to earlier mythical characters. Why god chose messengers when there were tribes of few hundreds, only in middle-east (today it’s the most uncivilized, uneducated and uncultured region)? Today there are billions on planet extending from Australia to North America. When is it more apt? Some Points to Ponder…

  • ADAM: In Which language did god spoke to Adam? Why did god put forbidden tree in Garden of Eden (Q2:35)? Why the whole of mankind should suffer for Adam and Eve’s disobedience? To further their lineage, wouldn’t it take Adam’s descendents to be involved in incest? Apart from Adam, Eve, Plants, Serpent; were there cellular life / microorganisms in Garden of Eden? Any bets
  • NOAH: Noah’s animal story raises more question than the information it provides. If one writes doubts that can be read as a comic script. The weakest tale in messenger’s link.
  • ABRAHAM: Abraham LIED thrice to a village king about her wife Sarah that she is his sister (SB:3.420); about being sick, blamed the idol (SB:4.578). However, the tale of his obedience to god to sacrifice his only son as offering hailed him to patriarchal status. For mythical age a tale meant to substitute human sacrifice by animal sacrifice could be moral. In today’s time ritually slaying an animal for god’s piety (Q22:37) and then eating its flesh is very different from ‘sacrifice’ in ethical sense.
  • MOSES: Moses struck his fist and KILLED and ascribed it to Satan (Q28:15), but killing a human as killing all mankind (Q5:32) penalty was not applied. Moses said to his people: to KILL themselves as that will be better for them with their Lord." (Q2:54), leaving only virgin women and children. How ethical is that?
  • JESUS: Similarities to resurrected deities & Greco-Roman gods like Horus Born of virgin Isis, Krishna born of virgin Devaki, Horus born of virgin Hathor, Attis born of virgin Nana, Dionysus born of virgin Semele and many other like Zeus, Mithras, Romulus, Odysseus are found. From these different versions of The Hare and the tortoise, the Jesus version received more adherents. Hebrew word ‘alma’ meaning young maiden was to differentiate with mature woman and did not mean sexual virginity. Primarily authored by Mark, Mathew, Luke and John, the gospels were not written earlier than 30 years after supposed Jesus death. Erroneously, the Qur'an refers Christ’s followers as ‘people of the Book!’ (Q5:77) and not book(s) and fallaciously remarks not to worship ‘mother Mary and Jesus as two gods’, besides Allah? (Q5:116).
  • Mohammad: Born in 570 AD, for a 40 year old well traveled shepherd, exposure to Torat, Gospels, Talmud, Thamood scriptures, Mishnah Sanhedrin from Babylon, Mesopotamia, Midi’an, Ad is not unlikely. Pagans worshiped Allah besides other gods (idols, which Mohammad rejected). He politicized Judeo-Christian teachings, was dignified to kith n kin, interceded on matters, didn’t own wealth but prudently accessed it through treasury. On rise to power, the belligerent Qur'anic verses revealed later were favored to his political ideology. Besides plagiarizing ‘An eye-for-eye’ (Q5:45) from Exodus 21:24 that can lead whole world blind, Killing & saving one as equivalent to all mankind from Mishnah Sanhedrin 4:5; Babylonian Talmud 37a (Q5:32) is embarrassingly incoherent.

Most Muslims are under impression that the messenger married to support widows. The actual fact was one of the first few things that really shook me. As outrageous this is, I felt betrayed and was angry on every theocrat that misled me with such information. As the Prophet was fearful, but Allah is not shy so Allah manifests that staying long in prophet’s houses annoys him (Q 33:53) he may postpone any of his wives turns, receive whom he desires, and set aside (Q33:51) rest, apart from the captives i.e. right hand possesses. (Q33:52) and his wives speech and expressions are ought to be modest (Q33:30, 33:33). Also wedlock to nieces is permitted as a privilege for him only (Q33:50). He also had to fulfill allah’s command to marry the wife of his adopted son in return of favor for manumission..?? (Q33:37) resulting in adoption ban in Islamic world. Marriage to Safiya bint Huyai after slaughtering his family men (SB: vol.2 Bk.14 Ch.5 No.68 P.35; vol.4 Bk.52 Ch.74 No.143 P.92; vol.4 Bk.52 Ch.168 No.280 P.175). Aisha’s marriage is child abuse (SB:5.234) bullying under helpless position (SB:7.18) & WHY?? Consummating a marriage with a 9 year old is hardly suggestive of support. The verses suggest that Allah is a servant of Mohammad providing exclusive privileges and than cover for his perversions which makes him unexemplary model for modern age.

Qur'an & Hadith

Truth is Truth by its Intrinsic Value. Anything that God says becomes Holy, Good or True actually is Moral Exemption.
Qur'an (god's perfect word?): Written in 633 CE, (10 years after muhammad died), when Caliph Uthman approved on ulemas persistence. Qur'an was compiled from parchments, scapula, leaf-stalks of date palms and from the memories of men who knew it by heart (SB:6:201). How one testifies their memory? The peaceable passages’ are dating early than belligerent verses. However it’s compiled such that doubtful probe gets circumvented.
Starting with threats Qur'an uses threat, fear, intimidation, violence that makes your heart dip to subjugation and obedience. It incites hatred, enmity, discrimination, inspires prejudice and antagonism with a superiority complex for being a Muslim.
Tampered, non-verbatim translations (with supplementary elucidation in brackets) in order to confirm scriptures to scientific facts as we know now and moral values as per modern sensibilities, suggests a modern translator’s lack of integrity towards his own beliefs.

  1. While sent down Qur'an in Arabic so that we may understand (Q12:2, 43:3) and its verses are explained in detail (Q41:44) which is a foreign language to many is said to be a clear Book (Q34:3) and nothing is neglected (Q6:38). At the same time it contains not entirely clear verses (Q3:7), abrogated or cause to be forgotten (Q2:106) replacing cancelled verses (Q16:101) but still challenges to produce one like it (Q52:34, 17:88, 2:23)
  2. The trumpets will be blown before hour will be established as if the apocalypse is a musical (Q39:68, 79:6, 24:101, 36:51). Description of Paradise as gardens with rivers (Q2.25), date-palms and vines (Q2:266), grapes, green crops (Q17:7) bracelets of gold and pearls, silk garments (35:33) of milk and honey, are earthly, utterly replete and boring. What’s so soul-like about a soul having bodily wants like food and sex? Torture Chambers in contemporary modern movies are more innovative than Gehinnom.
  3. Does Qur'an gloat specifically about orphans more than other disabled types because the prophet himself was? (Q2:215-220, 4:2-36, 6:152, 8:41, 17:34, 59:7, 76:8, 90:15, 93:9, 107:2).
  4. Practicing homosexuality is transgressing bounds (Q7:81) & senseless (Q27:55), but maids forced to prostitution, is pardonable (Q24:33). Allah prefers that by no means wealth & properties to be handed to slaves (right hands possess) (Q16:71) makes it pro-slavery. Also they are to flog hundred stripes for illegal sex holding no pity with believers to witness punishment (Q24:2)
  5. While being specific to Christians & Jews not to taken as friends, they are friends one to another (is not really so). (Q5:51), medieval age god didn’t mention Hindus, Buddhists.

.. and Hadith vagaries: Bukhari, compiled more than 200 years after Muhammad passed away, is an archive of narratives about prophet’s sayings & actions. If Qur'an is questionable, then the vagaries of hadiths are endlessly debatable. Different version of narrations (e.g. SB:3.139 -141), part narrations, abrogation’s galore. At times it feels that narratives are selected to propagate the traditional ideology. As per hadith, some revealed verses (e.g. SB: 3.56 ‘Surat-wal-Mursalat’) are (Cancelled /Missing) and not compiled in Qur'an. Surah (33) Al-Ahzab could not have been found but thanks to Khuza`ima bin Thabjt Al-Ansari (SB:4.62).
Mohammad Cursed infidels; Invokes god for wrath, to afflict them with drought & famine, burn them. It ranges from earlier nobility of Judeo-Christian teachings (to feed the poor, visit the sick, help the oppressed); miracles (water spring from fingers & water bags, food multiplying in pot, non-decaying martyr’s body) to barbarism (stoning for adultery, death for apostasy, dust throwing on wailers for dead, chopping hands for egg stealing, holy war (jihad), halal booty, throwing corpses in dirty well, slaves allegiance to masters , slave lashing); and sheer stupidity (perception of eclipse as hell fire, wind as god’s rage, donkeys braying, cocks crowing, yawning is satanic, cure in house fly wings, talking wombs). TERRIBLE IGNORANCE! Today’s moderates are more humane & progressive minded than old dessert prophet. Sahih Bukhari should be apt under the publication of ‘Marvel Comics’.
Moreover, Umar’s harshness & exceedings on prophet’s commands. Aisha's sneaky narrations discredits prophet's reverence [Read it to believe it]. Abu Bakr’s & Umar’s opposing stands (SB:6.368) and fall out after prophet’s death; followed by revealation (3:144) is strangely dubious. Fatima’s feud with Abu Bakr (SB:4.325) and her Burial by Ali without informing Abu Bakr (SB:5.546) is questionable.
The so informed actions maybe pardonable for primitive dessert age but are unexemplary by standards of modern values, let alone for times to come. Hadith reveals blood dripping off swords concealed in sands of time unveiling blood-filled History of Islam.

Women in Religion

Is God a male chauvinist?
Women are deficient in intelligence (SB:1.301). A lady ruler will never be successful (SB:5.709). Men have a degree above them (Q2:228). Their share by inheritance is half of male(Q4:11). Testimony of two women equals one man (Q2:282). Aqiqa for female to male is 1:2 (SB:7.380). Wives are commanded to be devoutly obedient as excelled by men (Q4:34). Wives are as a tilt unto man (Q2:223) and they are cursed by angels on refusal of sex (SB:4.460). Women are the majority of the dwellers of Hell-fire (SB:2:541)
Young full-breasted (Q78:33) Houris beautiful fair females restrained in pavilions (Q55:72) for their husbands, (with yatmithhunna i.e. unopened hymens) (Q55:56) equal in age specially created virgins to love them (Q56:35)
Akin to chattel (Muslim:4.1039, Abu Dawud:2.704) they were traded and used as property. In disguise of support by polygamy (Q4:3), women were accessed and controlled. Subjugation of women is apparent even today in Islamic countries. Even Mary is instrumental for virgin birth of Christ but does not get prophecy. Is God a male chauvinist? This further suggests that religions are ‘man’-made.

The Religion of Peace

Though there is no compulsion in religion (Q2:256), however JIHAD is ordained even if one dislikes it (Q2:216), you are commanded to KILL if one turns from Islam (Q4:89,) and polytheists wherever you find them (Q2:191). Allah suffices believers in fighting (Q33:25) and who faints on such commands are diseased hearts (Q47:20).
By sequential timeline of Islam; under the prophet’s rule alone, at least 16 battles were fought, not in defense but with an initiative to extend territories of Islamic regime. The extremist are following their exemplary driver, who dashes vehicle to set imperialistic example leaving behind a manual instruction and cannot be referred as comforter. Non believers became Muslim to save their lives and were scorned as Tulaqaa. In less than 50 years, after Mohammad's death, politicized disagreement within Islamic tribes showed up, thousands died in bashra clash, formation of Kharijies, division of Muslim tribes, major sect formed, Sunnis and Shias revolted. Wars of ridda (apostasy), Conquests of (Futuhat), Invasion of empires, Arabs, Mongols & Turks destroyed cities, killed, conquered and extended their dominions. Christians, Jews, Pagans and non-believers from Jerusalem, Antioch, Alexandria, Gaza, Persia, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Syria, Cyprus, Byzantine, Algiers, Baghdad, Damascus and other territories were captured, invaded and wiped out. [Preachers refer these historical accounts as sahaba hardships for spreading Islam. Funny! While fanatics underline Islamic timeline only with stuff like findings of Algebra, Algorithm & Coffee]
A devout Muslim dream planet is of Muslim regime with outdated old age dessert law: Stoning, Killing, Slaying and so on. Peace for the in-groups and second class citizenship subjugation & jizya tax for non-Muslims. Religious regulated constitutions are suffering from many issues and poses danger to society. Preachers from pulpit cannot address global concerns: Universal Human Rights, education, population control, conservation of natural resources, climate change. Islamic countries are examples in suffering from issues like democracy, equal rights for women, freedom of expression.
Earlier Islam was propagated as ‘Islam Is Truth’ (SB:3.658). Post 9/11 fundamentalist in a bid to save Muslim community from differential treatment, started propagating ‘Islam is the Religion Of Peace’. By tagging Islam as a religion of peace, Islamist has stomped its foot on the nail. By Qur'an, hadith and true historical accounts it is the biggest nonsense amongst all religious propagation in 20th century.

The God

- The Acquisitive Nature of God is in Question on Every Action that he Carries for Any Effect that he Wants.
The Legacy of the Yahweh Monster: What was god doing before he created anything at all and for whom did he create and why? What will he do after he is done with heaven and hell? In between that, what is purpose of creating life to ‘test’ (Q17:7, 67:2) when he is an All-knower?(Q2:127, 35:38) Does eternal god gets bored by himself? If an all knowing creator predestines a life to eternal hell for limited life shelf, why blame devil?
Attribute that to god’s mysteriousness but even within limitations, it’s highly inconsiderate to believe cruelty in nature, where almost every living being devours another living being merely for survival; frequent natural calamity in ever bombarding chaotic cosmos, is a creation of benign being. Intelligent design…?? An omniscient ingenious god was not lucid enough to put simple observable information that the world is round. (Q13:3, 15:19, 17:47, 19:53, 71:19, 78:6)
Being Omniscient the omnipotent (Q35:44) would get contradicted on any change by potency what is predestined. If praying can bring a possible change than what is predestined, then the ‘all-knower’ omniscient god is in, for a surprise. Believing in wrong god shall not be considered merely a human mistake, but the most heinous sin deserving of eternity in hellfire and is gravest of concern for a benign All-Knower. That's god's morality! The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful is only a self claim(Q2:163). GOD HAS A TRIBAL MENTALITY, is a malevolent, egoistic monster whose signs are plagues, famine, drought earthquakes (Q7:91) on disbelief and a promise of apocalypse.
Although Allah is Free of all wants (Q6:133, 30:6, 13:8), sits on throne (Q2:255, 10:3) on the water (Q11:7), breathes (Q15:29), the spoils of war are for him (Q8:1), feels wicked if his presence is sought in public, causing to struck with thunder clap and lightning (Q4:153)
Though none will be dealt unjustly for weight equal to a seed (Q21:47), forgives and punishes Whom He Wills (Q30:21, 5:18, 5:40, 2:284, 17:97, 48:14, 74:31) unaccountably, though he himself guides or Sends Astray Whom He Wills and let them wander in transgressions (Q6:125, 7:186, 11:34), mocks and increases their wrong-doings (Q2:15).
God has human like ego as he hates disbelievers (Q35:39), gets angry (Q43:55), commands to be harsh against them (Q8:73), ceaselessly continues to strike them with disaster (Q13:31), casts terror into their hearts (Q59:2) so as to strike them over the necks and smite their fingers, toes (Q8:12), and wound many (Q47:4). Allah loves who fights (Q61:4), retributes on ayaat beling & heedlessness, drowns people in the sea (Q7:136, 26:120), sends famine (Q16:112), flood, locusts, lice, frogs and the blood as manifest signs (Q7:133, 34:16), furious violent wind (Q69:5), storm (Q54:34), rains down stones (Q27:58), of baked clay (Q51:33), causes the earth to swallow (Q30:40), Kills disbelievers (Q8:17), and destroys generations (Q10:13, 27:51, 29:58, 36:31, 37:136, 38:3). Though omniscient, but decides before destroying town (Q17:16), however there is a fixed time for destruction (Q17:59) asserted with unapologetic pride (Q18:98) by the Command of Lord (Q46:25) as no calamity befalls without his Leave (Q63:11).
Transition in Semitic languages led to shift in referring god as Eloah (Hebrew), Eleah (Chaldaic), Eleah (Assyrian), Elaha (Aramaic), Alaha (Syriac), Allah (Arabic) for God (English); keeping intact the Legacy of the Yahweh Monster.
There is No Power Outside of Man. Man Has Created God Out of Fear. So the Problem is Fear and Not God. - U.G. Krishnamurti

Science & Religion

SCIENCE vs. Old Age Dessert Quackery
In a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, although end users of modern inventions, without any contribution, theocrats still criticize science. Why Islamic propagator Ahmed Deedat suffered from paralysis unable to speak or swallow and spent last 9 years in bed? Why Michael Hart didn’t convert to Islam?
Though the Originator decreed heavens and earth to "Be!" (Q2:117), but still takes six Days (Q10:3), and even considering a god’s day equal to a thousand years (Q22:47), is still away from a million years as per studies of various branches. The earth spreads out (Q13:3, 15:19), as a wide (expanse) (Q71:19), leveled plain (Q17:47), like a bed (Q19:53, 78:6) as to set mountains stands firm (Q50:7) as pegs (Q78:7) and god is an excellent spreader (Q51:48). The sun is a hot lamp and the moon gives light (Q25:61). The sun sets in black muddy water spring (Q18:86). The sun overtaking the moon is not mentionable unless considering them to be in same route (Q36:40). It's like domestic aircrafts hovering over India not permitted to overtake hovering over USA. The nearest heaven with lamps as missiles to drive away devils isn’t well imagined (Q67:5). These descriptions suggest observation of sun, moon and stars, by a man standing on a mountain top.
Creatures are specified up to six legs (Q24:45.), and the ants speak in words (Q27:18) not communicate via chemical signals, the hoopoe bitches to be safe from slaughter from god’s prophet (Q27:20). The birds held in sky (Q16:79) is marveled by one who never heard of Sky Divers, Parachutes, Airplanes, Helicopters, Rockets, Spacecraft and Satellites.
Evolution by all means & evidence has higher probability. It is easily more probable. Compare this idea to that African, Chinese, Japanese and European breed of human species are a result of communion between two people in the jungle. Cosmology, Quantum Mechanics and Evolution in agreement completes the picture of our origin.
Science is a Way of Thinking Much More than it is a Body of Knowledge. - Carl Sagan

Conclusive Remarks

-It is Better to Know that you don’t Know, than to Believe Because you don’t Know.
Religion breeds group-ism, Incites hatred, discriminates people and is an irrational fanaticism. Superstition is the seed of religious rituals. Traditional and cultural ideologies limits individual to pre-structures thoughts in every sphere. Secularism may curb conflicts, but humanity is more real than secularism as we are humans after all. Selective religious ideology may turn one into mother Teresa, but an absolutist (word by word) follower of religion is bound to sow seeds of hatred and discrimination.
I revere teachings of Buddha (not Buddhism) and do not hold Buddha as an idol. Teachings of Buddha is corrupted over time and integrated with Hinduism. Buddhism as organized religion is about monk, monastery & methods. It’s contradictory to original teaching of Buddha about renunciation of beliefs, seeking the truth by self discovery & realization leading to inner peace, tranquility, calmness with a sense of awareness. Fear & hope; pain & desire are life experiences. Beyond life, the state of death could be comparably akin to state of unborn.
I’ve realized that there is no point to convince lunatic fringe in a bedlam. Reasoning are deadlocked by ‘because god said so’ ideas. Thanks to internet. Atheist can reach out through this channel. When You Realize That There Is No God, Put Your Testimony on Internet as an obligation, It Might Make a World of Difference Someday. The difference I experience when I was religious and now as an atheist can be put in one Word. CLARITY!

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