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Farsideology female.gif Five Stages of Puberty - Girls

Stage 1. Average age Usually 8-11 In Stage 1 there are no outside signs of development, but a girl's ovaries are enlarging and hormone production is beginning.

Stage 2. Average age: 11-12 The first sign is typically the beginning of breast growth, including "breast buds." A girl may also grow considerable height and weight. The first signs of pubic hair start out fine and straight, rather than curly.

Stage 3. Average age: 12-13 Breast growth continues, and pubic hair coarsens and becomes darker, but there still isn't a lot of it. Your body is still growing, and your vagina is enlarging and may begin to produce a clear or whitish discharge , which is a normal self-cleansing process. Some girls get their first menstrual periods late in this stage.

Stage 4. Average age: 13-14 Pubic hair growth takes on the triangular shape of adulthood, but doesn't quite cover the entire area. Underarm hair is likely to appear in this stage, as is menarche. Ovulation (release of egg cells) begins in some girls, but typically not in a regular monthly routine until Stage 5.

Stage 5. Average age: 15 This is the final stage of development, when a girl is physically an adult. Breast and pubic hair growth are complete, and your full height is usually attained by this point. Menstrual periods are well established, and ovulation occurs monthly. source

Observation 1 -- Only in stage 5 or maybe in stage 4 of puberty can a woman have children. A woman can not bear children in stage1 or 2 of puberty, and childbirth is extremely rare in stage 3.

Observation 2 -- According to the UNICEF, a woman should never have children during puberty but only after puberty when the young woman is fully developed physically. A nine year girl has, at least, 9 years of growth remaining before she reaches full maturity. - (source)

Observation 3 -- It’s amazing that Allah did not reveal this vital information on female biology to Muhammad before he married Aisha.

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