Ashna (Former Muslim)

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This is a testimony of a Muslim leaving Islam. Views contained in these testimonies are not necessarily endorsed by WikiIslam. See the Testimony Disclaimer for details.
Personal information
Full name Ashna Shaji
Country of origin    India Flag of India.png
Gender    Female
Age    21
Influences    Humanity and Rationalism
Other interests    Reading, Travel, Friendship,
Faith Information
Current worldview Atheism
Left Islam at age 20
Born or convert to Islam? Born into Islam
Parents' worldview Islam

Testimony of Leaving Islam

Hi everyone!

I am really really happy about leaving this evil religion. The very moment I took this decision I breathed freedom that I never felt before! I am so proud to do that!

I was born into a family where my mom was a Hindu and father (who left us) was a Muslim. Unfortunately my mom chose the path of Islam. As I lived along with my Hindu family members from my childhood, I know the mythology of Hinduism and visited many temples and I felt nothing wrong with it or other religions. I celebrate X-mas and Deewali and everything.

But when I grew up mom led me to the evil world of Islam and like many others I believed that Allah is God. I just wanted that religious harmony and love among people should prevail over everything. But personally god is nothing but other than Allah.

During my teenage days I became suspicious of many of this religion's laws and rules. Women are considered a species who do not have freedom and should serve men. They are nothing actually. Property laws, provisions against dignity of women, wars, hatred towards non-believers - all these things haunted me.

Later I decided that I should not consider Koran and only believe in Allah, even though I practiced religious prayers.

But, I began to explore things such as realities, life. I realized that humanity and love is the greatest things in the world. The more I began to understand the meaning of life the more I became disinterested in the God, who is the old man in the sky.

Intolerance, sharia law, child marriage, violence, terrorism, illogical and unscientific sayings in the Koran disturbed me a lot. I thought about leaving Islam.

I then accessed the website Wikiislam to know the facts about my god Allah and this religion. I was shocked to know many truths. I was ashamed that I have believed in this religion. And Allah, who is the creation of a fool called Mohammed! I found everything in Koran is false and the 'holy' prophet is a murderer, pedophile and a complete shit! Next step: I quit Islam. I quit evil. I only told this to my friends but not to my mom and brother. They would not accept me. I have to be patient till I become financially independent to reveal this to them. This is the worst thing. I cannot say that I have left Islam unless I am safe. I am waiting for that.

I thank all those people behind these initiatives so that I could break away from Islam and throw away the strings of religion. Continue to inspire us and save millions from the dangers of Islam. Expose the truths and facts. Millions are there to support you!

Now I am a true "human being". My god is what makes me to do good. It is in my heart. It is love, humanity and justice. It is the the power in everyone's mind. I am thankful to that "GOD" for making me to think right and to be right!! I am a HUMANIST!!

Thank you!!

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