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Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati (born 1926) is the chair of the Guardian Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Al Qaeda

Al-Qaeda means Bush and Blair. Who established Al-Qaeda? You are the ones who should be put on trial. You were the mother of Al-Qaeda.[1]

America to collapse

May Allah, by the virtue of the Hidden Imam, God will remove the evil of America and Israel from humanity....I say to those dear people: Oh Iraqi brothers and sisters, America and Israel don't want your heads to remain attached to your bodies.[2]

Americans bloodthirsty wolves

(The Americans) advanced to within 500 meters from the Holy Mosque (in Najaf). On this occasion, I must thank and praise those in that complex who resist these bloodthirsty wolves.[3]

Message to Iraqis, 2004

They must not have security. If Muslims have no security, neither must they. When there is no security for a Muslim's life, land, honor, and property, why should they have security? They are the people of “Dar Al-Harb,” so why should they have security?...Another thing, set aside the disagreements. They do not like the Kurds, nor the Arabs, the Sunnis, nor the Shiites. They have come to fight the people of Iraq. Basically, they have come to fight Islam. There is no need for wars between the Kurds and Arabs and the Sunni and Shiites. All of you gather under one flag.[4]


Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati to US: Invade Iran, If You Dare


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