"Racist Extremist Wilders Attacks Muslims Again"

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Translations of Arabic/Islamic Media

Translated from the original Arabic by Al Mutarjim

This article was written in response to Geert Wilders' call in September 2009 to impose a tax on Muslim women who want to wear the hijab. All the author seems to do is employ the phrase "racist extremist Wilders" or some variant thereof every time he gets a chance. The article also includes an unflattering picture of Wilders with the caption "The moron Wilders."

It appears that the daily private affairs of Muslims in the Netherlands have caught the eye of right-wing racist lawmaker Geert Wilders, who has previously been known for the tumult provoked by his film "Fitna" as well as his insults of the Qur'an and Islamic doctrine. Now he has returned today to tackle an issue no less controversial, by calling for the imposing of a tax on women wearing the veil in the country.

The racist extremist Wilders is requesting that Muslim women who want to wear the hijab obtain a permit from authorities, along with paying a financial sum as high as $1,500 a year, describing the Islamic dress as sight which is "polluting Dutch streets." This matter has met with many angry reactions from the large Muslim community in the country, along with the leaders of liberal and leftist parties.

The racist Wilders said during a parliament session: "Any Muslim woman who wants to wear the headscarf must first obtain an official permit, and pay the annual sum of 1,000 euros in exchange for this. The money obtained from the "headscarf tax" can go towards financing programs for the empowerment and protection of women."

The Dutch lawmaker, who leads the Dutch Freedom Party, added that "Previously we have offered legislation to ban the hijab, and our current proposal is particularly for the headscarf, which really only disfigure the view of the Dutch street. Its form is unacceptable, but the important thing is that it is a sign of the abuse of women. We must stand and face this," according to his lies.

One of the responses came from the Dutch Prime Minister, Jan Peter Balkenende, who said that Wilders' proposal: "Is not appropriate in a country which welcomes everyone and treats people with respect."

* * *

On the site "Jihad Watch," many comments appeared supporting [Wilders]. One participant said: "Wilders is magnificent. As I read his speech I had the feeling that here is a man who will go down in history, just as Churchill did, for daring to say what must be said..."

However, on the online forum "Islamic Awakening," which is used by Muslims in Europe, one member posted on the topic by saying: "I ask that Allah leave him blind as long as he lives, and curse him and humiliate him in this world and the next."

It is notable that the racist extremist Wilders produced the 15-minute film titled "Fitna," which included "offensive" images of the Prophet Muhammad, and released it on the internet in March of 2008, despite warnings from the government in Amsterdam that showing the film may damage Dutch interests abroad...