Template:New Member


This Welcome template can be placed on a new editor's talk-page to welcome them:

{{subst:New Member}}

As long as the message is left on their talk page, this will insert their username automatically.

Crystal welcome-icon.gif Hi New Member, and welcome to WikiIslam!

Note: You can delete this welcome message from your talk page by editing and removing this section. For future reference, the welcome message is linked near the bottom of the Help page.

Thank you for creating an account. We hope you will join our team.

To learn a little about who we are, read our FAQ and About Us pages.

Before any further contributions, please read through our Policies and Guidelines pages.

For help with citing references, embedding videos or anything else, browse the Help pages.

There is a lot of work waiting to be finished/created at WikiIslam, and if you would like to help in reducing the workload, see our Tasks page. A new article can be created using the Create article box found on our Editing Help page.

You can navigate the site via hub pages and categories using the Site Map.

If you need any further help, feel free to ask and I will do my best to assist. For general discussions, please use the relevant Discussions page.

Welcome again. -- ~~~~