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Type this: {{Hub2}} You people (ones who wrote contradictions in the Holy and Noble Quran) are astray lost in darkness. If your heart doesn't open up to the words of you Creator then surely your heart is harsh. How disgusting of you to play with the words of God.

No on has the right to be worshiped except Allah and Allah alone! He is the one who created you in the womb of your mother and gave you life and he blesses you with water and food and everything that you have and he knows you better than you know yourself and yet you don't even thank him and you're not grateful to him and you don't believe in him?! That is cruel and not to mention stupid of you people. Shame! But God is perfect and even if you don't worship him he's the rich and we are the poor if he willed Subhanah wa Taala he could get rid of you this instant and create someone who worships him properly. If you don't believe in him you should faer a day. Allah's punishment is severe. And still because Allah is the most merciful, if you repent then he forgives.