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Jami` at-Tirmidhi 1:1:1

This template is used to provide sources for Tirmidhi references as found in the Dar-us-Salam print edition (called "English translation" on sunnah.com). It formerly produced links to webcitation archives of the relevant book page on the sunnah.com website. The user then had to find the hadith in the book. We are currently using QuranX.com instead, which is able to handle Dar-us-Salam, In-book, and reference conventions to link to specific hadiths.


First Parameter is the Book Number in the url on sunnah.com (recommended, but this can be left blank now that we are using Quranx).
Second Parameter is the Volume Number in the Dar-us-Salam edition.
Third Parameter is the Book Number in the Dar-us-Salam edition.
Forth Parameter is the Hadith Number in the Dar-us-Salam edition.

The first parameter is retained for the sake of citations that used the old template linking to archives of the sunnah.com books. It can be left blank and is currently ignored by the template, but it is recommended to complete it in case we ever need to revert back to the old system.

To cite a hadith: {{Al Tirmidhi||#|#|#}} (note the empty 1st parameter).

{{Al Tirmidhi||6|45|3380}}


Jami` at-Tirmidhi 6:45:3380