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Sunan Abu Dawud 1:1

This template will create a link to the specified hadith in Sunan Abu Dawud. Please visit its template page or read the Citing Sources page for instructions on its use with alternative hadith reference systems.

Template parameters

Book number1

The Book number when using the USC-MSA reference system

Hadith number2

The hadith number

Alternative reference system3

Enter darussalam when you are using the Dar-us-Salam reference system or enter hasan when using the Ahmad Hasan reference system (leave blank if using the USC-MSA reference system)


This template is used to provide sources for Sunan Abu Dawud references. It formerly produced links to the cmje website, which no longer works. We are currently using QuranX.com instead, which is able to handle USC-MSA, Dar-us-Salam, and Ahmad Hasan reference conventions.


First Parameter is the Book Number.
Second Parameter is the Hadith Number.
Third Parameter (optional) is used to indicate that you are using one of the alternative referencing systems: Dar-us-Salam or Hasan (default is USC-MSA).

With the Dar-us-Salam Reference system, only a hadith number is specified, and is the same as in the Dar-us-Salam print edition.

With the Ahmad Hasan referencing system, only a hadith number is specified, and is the same as in Ahmad Hasan's translation (this is the English translation used for Abu Dawud on Quranx and other popular sites). The hadith numbers and translation are the same as was used by USC-MSA for their partial Abu Dawud collection. Hasan's book numbering is not used as it changed depending on the edition (hadiths were divided into 36 books, or into 41 books).

To use this template with USC-MSA numbering: {{Abu Dawud|#|#}}

To use this template with Dar-us-Salam Reference numbering: {{Abu Dawud||#|darussalam}} (note the empty first parameter)

To use this template with Ahmad Hasan numbering: {{Abu Dawud||#|hasan}} (note the empty first parameter)

Example for hadiths using USC-MSA numbering
{{Abu Dawud|33|4166}}


Sunan Abu Dawud 33:4166
Example for the same hadith using Dar-us-Salam Reference numbering
{{Abu Dawud||4178|darussalam}}


Sunan Abu Dawud 4178 (Dar-us-Salam Ref)
Example for the same hadith using Ahmad Hasan numbering
{{Abu Dawud||4166|hasan}}


Sunan Abu Dawud 4166 (Ahmad Hasan Ref)