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The original story in its original language doesn't specify mating or the sex of each party. Collective plurals and some agents often default to the masculine declension, so the two or three messengers were written in the masculine plural; the men, also written in masculine, of Sodom refer to mankind. No verse distinguishes them as wapmen with women. The verb they use only means "know", which Lot said would be bad of these messengers. How could one literally say "know" without a sexual connotation? The usual circumlocution for "mate with" is "go into", which the chapter doesn't use. The "know" could mean anything: a talk, a beating, a spying. And as the men of Sodom could be either sex, it makes no sense to single out males or females.

Likewise in the short sequel Lut's collective are written in the masculine but could refer to anyone: Thus, 27:55 could mean only females are to be sexual objects, not males.

Alysdexia (talk) 23:49, 14 June 2016 (EDT)

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