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To Do:

Records and firsts needing source:

  1. Saudi Arabia is the first and only country to ever ban women from driving, for being women.
  2. Youngest divorcee ever in Saudi Arabia or Yemen
  3. The only countries to have no minimum marriage age are Saudi Arabia and Yemen
  4. Gulf states, the first to ever apply 'gay tests'

Make a new Responses to Apologetics section. Why is this page necessary? What does it tell us? Do other religions have behaviors like this associated with their followers? Link items to the history of Islam. Reject references to Islamophobia (this is an invalid term)

This page is garbage and hurts the site

I think the quran scholarship on wikiislam is well done, but this page is just shit. Really hard to believe this site is not islamophobic after seeing this. I mean it starts with a picture of the underpants bomber. Any one who added to this page should be ashamed.

Firstly the term "Islamophobia" is invalid, is often used to silence the criticism of Islam and should not be used.
Regarding the contents of the page, it is what it is. The collection of items on this page shows the side effects of Islam and many items are directly derived from Islamic scripture like the Intolerance section. We can talk about re-arranging the information or changing the picture etc (maybe put in something related to Intolerance and mention that instead) but the content is all referenced.
Can you say items like this can be associated with any religion, like Buddhism? We cant. Only Islam has a collection like this and that says a lot about Islam. So its an important page and its unique (its not found anywhere). It took hard work to create the content.
Also, criticism of Islam comes in many different flavors. You cant find one page that you dont like and then imply that means the whole site is invalid in some way because of that one page. --Axius (talk | contribs) 06:41, 8 January 2016 (EST)