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  • ...des religions [[Islam and the People of the Book|Chrétiénne et Juive]]. La construction ou la réparation des églises, synagogues, etc., sont interdits. L'Islam e les exigences d'une société démocratique."<ref></ref>
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  • ...tissant la terre, puis Il fit les cieux en sept cieux. C'est ainsi que les construction commencent habituellement, avec les bas étages d'abord puis les étages du *[[Les articles en francais - Articles in French|Les articles en français (Articles in French)]]
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  • ..."Morimoto">Toda, Masahiro, Morimoto, Kanehisa, "[ Ramadan Fasting - Effect on Healthy Muslim ...lth problems during Ramadan to persons performing only moderate work. Even under these conditions signs of dehydration were found in the 32 labourers monito
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  • This claim originated from Christoph Luxenberg, a modern scholar writing under a pseudonym, in his controversial work ''The Syro-Aramaic Reading of the Ko Not Possible|crucial part of Islam]], and that approaching any Orthodox construction of the religion is essentially impossible their absence. Nonetheless, the g
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