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  • (cur | prev) 17:37, 3 March 2013Sahab (talk | contribs)m . . (8,421 bytes) (+21). . ("Tunisians are entitled to basic protection, lesbian, gay and bisexual people are not included," Tunisia says no to decriminalizing homosexuality because it is "incompatible with Islam") [automatically checked]
  • (cur | prev) 15:08, 23 December 2012Claustrum (talk | contribs)m . . (8,400 bytes) (-2) [automatically checked]
  • (cur | prev) 13:28, 20 June 2012Sahab (talk | contribs)m . . (8,402 bytes) (+8,402). . (Gay magazine editor faces religious hatred and death threats, Human Rights minister thinks mag should be banned, says that "sexual orientation is not a human right and sexual perversion needs to be treated medically") [automatically checked]