Persecution of Homosexuals (Morocco)

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Note that this page may contain news regarding lesbian, gay, bisexual, transvestite, and transsexual people (LGBTT)

66-year-old British man is jailed in Morocco for committing homosexual acts

A 66-year-old British man has been jailed in Morocco for committing homosexual acts, Consular officials said today.

Kenneth Watson was caught having sex on September 25 with an 18-year-old Moroccan man and a 16-year-old Moroccan boy. said the British Embassy in Rabat.

The boy was released but Watson and the second Moroccan were sentenced to a year in prison by a court in the southern city of Taroudant.

“One of the two boys was released because he was a minor but the second boy got the same sentence—one year in jail,” a spokesman said.

Homosexuality is illegal in the North African nation but the area is a popular destination for sex tourists.

The maximum sentence is three years in prison. The age of consent in Morocco is 18.

The spokesman said Watson—a regular visitor to the area—was appealing his sentence.
Briton Jailed for Gay Sex in Morocco
Katherine Danks, The Scotsman, October 4, 2004

13 people involved in making homosexual pornographic films are sentenced to a total of 30 years imprisonment and incur fines ranging from MAD 1,000 to MAD 30,000

The Marrakech court of first instance sentenced on Friday night a group of 13 people involved in making homosexual pornographic films in the southern city to a total of 30 years imprisonment, ranging from 6 months to 6 years in prison for each of the defendants, reported the Moroccan partisan daily, al-Alam. The Marrakech court sentenced 13 defendants including 11 Moroccans and two French, and acquitted four others, involved in the pornographic scandal that shook the southern city. The defendants have also to pay fines ranging from MAD 1,000 to MAD 30,000. The group is accused of producing gay pornographic films, inciting prostitution, and holding drugs.

MAP news agency reported that the court has sentenced the main defendant in the sex scandal case, J.A, a French national of Moroccan descent to six years in prison and a fine of MAD 30,000. The court has also sentenced J.J.R, a French tradesman to one year in prison. It acquitted another Frenchman, manager of a guest house in Marrakech, but decided to close his establishment. The majority of the defendants (performers in the films), arrested on Feb. 17, came from a popular neighborhood located at Sidi Youssef Ben Ali prefecture.
Sex Scandal--Gay porno network sentenced to 30 years in prison
Karima Rhanem, Morocco Times, March 6, 2006

Six men are sentenced to prison for ‘homosexual conduct’ after hundreds march through the streets, denouncing the men’s alleged actions and calling for their punishment

Criminal verdicts in Morocco against six men sentenced to prison for homosexual conduct should be set aside and the men released, the Human Rights Watch said in a press release.
. . .
The men have been in jail since they were first arrested by the police between November 23 and 25, 2007, after a video circulated online—including on YouTube—purporting to show a private party, allegedly including the men, taking place in Ksar el-Kbir on November 18. Press reports claimed the party was a “gay marriage.” Following the arrests, hundreds of men and women marched through the streets of Ksar el-Kbir, denouncing the men’s alleged actions and calling for their punishment. Abdelaziz Nouaydi, a Rabat lawyer on the men’s defense team, said that the judge convicted the men even though the prosecution presented no evidence showing that an act violating Article 489 had occurred and offered only the video as evidence. According the defense attorneys, rhe video showed no indications of sexual activity and the men all pleaded innocent to offenses under the article, which has a statute of limitation of five years. At the trial, adding insult to injury, the judge refused to release the men provisionally pending their appeals.

Media hysteria and large and riotous anti-gay demonstrations hit Morocco. Protestors among a demonstration of 1,000 people attack the house where a "homosexual marriage" allegedly took place

Amid media hysteria and large and riotous anti-gay demonstrations in Morocco, six men whom prosecutors claimed participated in a "gay marriage" have been convicted of violating that country's law against homosexual conduct and sent to prison. The drama, which attracted huge national media coverage- in large measure of an hysterically anti-gay character - took place last month in Ksar El Kébir, a largely impoverished city of more than 100,000 halfway between Tangier and the nation's capital of Rabat, and which is dominated politically by the principal Islamist party, the Party of Justice and Development, popular among Morocco's economically deprived majority.
. . .

The inflammatory press coverage was exemplified by a November 28 report in the Islamist fundamentalist newspaper Atajdid under the headline "ANTI-HOMOSEXUAL INTIFADA IN KSAR EL KÉBIR." According to the newspaper, "At most of the Friday prayers, the imams of Ksar el Kébir mosques addressed the issue of sodomy , homosexuality, and lesbianism. Ahmad Aljabarri, the imam of Vad Al Makhazin mosque, which turned into the convergence point for demonstrators coming from different mosques in the city, was very frank about the gay marriage, and said that if the wrongs and misdeeds are not corrected, a big torment will be sent down [by God]. He said the homosexual behavior will shake the heavens. Then he broke into tears.

"The congregation's facial gestures, and the way they shook their heads [in agreement], demonstrated how they are ashamed, and rightfully so, which motivated them to start a demonstration upon their departure from the mosque, to express their anger. They chanted, 'We don't care about money, our honor is the most important thing,' and recited religious prayers, demanding the authorities prosecute the gays and ask God's forgiveness for their sins. ... According to some estimates by members of the police, some 13,000 people were marching on the streets, who were joined by a group of 600 young people coming from the north.... The emotion among demonstrators was so high that the security forces, who were monitoring the rally, were not able to control them. When the crowd reached the jewelry store belonging to a prominent man in the city who is known among the people of the city to extend financial and moral support to homosexuals, they tried to attack the business, but the iron gates made their repeated attempts a failure," the newspaper Atajdid concluded.

The following Wednesday, there was another anti-gay demonstration in Ksar el Kébir of 1,000 people led by the Party of Justice and Development. The six men arrested have remained imprisoned since they were first detained by the police at some point between November 23 and 25. In a summary trial held by a "court of first instance" in Ksar el Kébir, the men were found guilty of violating article 489 of Morocco's penal code, which criminalizes "lewd or unnatural acts with an individual of the same sex." The court sentenced three defendants to six months in prison and two defendants to four months; it sentenced the sixth, whom it also convicted of the unauthorized sale of alcohol, to 10 months.
. . .

Asked for a comment on the Ksar el Kébir affair, the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) told Gay City News it did not have enough information to make a statement at this time. Part of the video used in the trial of the Ksar el Kébir Six may be seen at THIS LINK, along with footage of an anti-gay demonstration attacking the house where the supposed "homosexual marriage" took place.
Homo Witch Hunt in Morocco
Doug Ireland, Gaywired, December 20, 2007

Two men in their twenties, found "together in a car", are sentenced to four months in jail by a court in Temara for being homosexuals

Two young Moroccan men were jailed on Monday by a court in Temara for four months for being homosexuals, one of their lawyers told AFP.

The two, aged 20 and 28, were arrested at the beginning of the month at Temara near the capital by police who found them together in a car.

On Monday both men denied the charges.
. . .
Under Article 489 of the Moroccan penal code, sexual acts between people of the same gender are punishable by between six months and three years in prison.