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  • (cur | prev) 22:22, 14 May 2013Al-Qaum (talk | contribs). . (16,001 bytes) (+993) [automatically checked]
  • (cur | prev) 15:22, 18 February 2013Sahab (talk | contribs)m . . (15,008 bytes) (+20). . (Morality police arrest at least 10 LGBT teenagers suspected of homosexuality for “satanic rituals” and “indecent acts” under a crackdown in the name of “morality”, another 20 men arrested for “suspicious parties”) [automatically checked]
  • (cur | prev) 14:16, 23 June 2012Sahab (talk | contribs)m . . (14,988 bytes) (+14,988). . (Police arrest a 20-year-old cross-dresser and referred him to the General Department for Criminal Investigation, after he was "caught" when he asked a passing patrol to help him change a flat car tyre) [automatically checked]