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  • (cur | prev) 16:05, 23 February 2013Sahab (talk | contribs)m . . (9,688 bytes) (+20). . (Two Iranian converts from Islam to Christianity stabbed by masked men. Attackers shout 'Kuffar' (Arabic for non-believer or infidel) during the attack. Passing nurse provides first aid and ambulance takes them to hospital) [automatically checked]
  • (cur | prev) 16:52, 31 January 2012Sahab (talk | contribs)m . . (9,668 bytes) (+9,668). . (“This is Jihad, holy war, and we are waiting for a fatwa (licence to kill) from the local imam.” After management ignore their pleas for help, 5 Christian converts from Islam flee in fear from Muslims at asylum reception center) [automatically checked]