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Sufi master tortures a 16-year-old boy to exorcise him of demons. Medical examination confirms the "boy’s muscles have been damaged due to the bruises caused by hot blades and knives"

A pir in Ghakkarmandi has been accused of torturing a 16-year-old boy to exorcise him. An FIR has been registered against Master Boota Rehmani after a medical examination done at a rural health centre confirmed torture.

Dr Asif Mehmood has recommended that Section 337 F3 be added to the FIR. “The boy’s muscles have been damaged due to the bruises caused by hot blades and knives,” the report reads.

Meanwhile, Rehmani on Thursday obtained pre-arrest bail from Wazirabad additional district and sessions judge Muhammad Rafiq. Ghakkarmandi police confirmed they had received court orders to the effect. Investigation officer Sabir Jamal said Rehmani would be summoned to the police station for interrogation once he returned home.

The alleged victim, Azmat, was recovered by the police in a raid on Rehmani’s house in Nurpura on Tuesday. Police said the accused had left by the time they raided his house.

Azmat told The Express Tribune that the pir used to bruise his skin with hot knives. “He would place the knife on my skin after heating it on a gas stove,” the boy said. “He said this would injure the demon and force him to leave me,” he added.

Sub inspector Muhammad Akram, who carried out the raid, said the pir had fled. He said the raid was conducted on information provided by Waqas, a resident of Ghakkarmandi. Waqas told The Tribune that he had been following the pir for some time. “No one has ever been cured by the pir but people continue bringing their relatives to him believing that they have been possessed,” he said.

Azmat’s father Muhammad Yousaf said he used to complain about severe headaches and he would faint. “We were certain that he had been possessed. Some neighbours recommended we take him to Pir Rehmani,” they said. They said they had been visiting the pir for almost six months.

“He used to cut Azmat’s body with hot blades and knives. He said it would force the demons to leave his body,” they said.

However, they said, instead of improving Azmat’s condition worsened. “The pir said it was a positive sign. He said it showed the demons were becoming weak and would one day leave him,” they said.

Rehmani’s neighbours said the man was a retired school teacher. They said he claimed to possess spiritual powers and djinns who he said helped him during exorcisms. They said he arranged sittings at his house every Saturday and Sunday where he listened to people’s complaints.

337: Punishment of ghayr-jaifah:

F: Whoever by doing any act with the intention of causing hurt to any person, or with the knowledge that he is likely to cause hurt to any person, causes:-

iii) mutafahimah to any person, shall be liable to daman and may also be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to three years as ta’zir;
Excorcism: 16-year-old tortured with hot knives
The Express Tribune, July 29, 2011

Pir recites Quranic verses and slowly tortures to death a 19-year-old mentally challenged boy and beats his twin brother violently with a rod to exorcise a djinn from their bodies

Mansoorabad police on Sunday arrested a man on charge of torturing to death a 19-year-old boy and beating his twin brother to exorcise a djinn from their bodies.
. . .

Arif told police that his twin sons, Owais and Asghar, had both been unusual. He said Owais was mentally challenged, and Asghar was not an active child compared to other children of his age.
. . .
“He said he will treat my sons by reciting Quranic verses as they were appeared to be under the influence of a djinn,” Arif told police. He said the pir had told him the treatment would take the entire night and asked him to bring over the boys at around midnight.

Arif said he left his sons with the pir and went home. A few hours later, he said, some people told him that they had heard his sons scream. He said when he rushed to see what had happened, he found that the pir was brutally thrashing his sons. “He said the beating will dispel the djinns who had possessed my sons and told me to return,” he said.

The next morning, he said, when he went over to pick his sons, he found them injured. They had bruises and cuts from the beating with the rods, he said.

The boys were taken to Allied Hospital, where Owais succumbed to his injuries, while Asghar was reported to be in a critical condition.
Pir arrested for killing a boy, injuring his twin
Shamsul Islam, The Express Tribune, September 24, 2012