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Unfortunately, even long recent centuries of social/economic/military failures have not removed the jihadist imperative from the souls of Muslims. Far from having fallen into remission, jihad remains an ever-present threat, the default mode of operation whenever Muslims find themselves in close and sustained proximity with non-believers. All over the world today, there are many stories to be found detailing Muslim terrorists, operating for Islam's sake, attacking, bombing, and murdering those they feel inhibit their aims. Islamists are attacking non-Muslims along a vast arc extending from Nigeria to Indonesia. Violence occurs between Muslims and Orthodox Serbs in the Balkans, Jews in Israel, Hindus in India, Buddhists in Burma and Catholics in the Philippines. It is no accident that from its inception, Islam has always had bloody borders, as violence has always been integral to Islam. How can it possibly be otherwise with Quranic direction like

Islam Undressed
By: Vernon Richards
Introduction: The View from Outside
The Issues at Hand
‘Real Islam’ from the Religious Texts
Islam and Jihad
Muhammad’s Actions, Speaking Louder than Words
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Roots of Today’s Campaign
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Hard Options in Israel
Islamic Contradictions and Hypocrisies
Never-Ending Islamic Conspiracies
The Final Analysis on Real Islam
The Path Ahead
Epilogue: Dark Premonitions
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"Prophet, make war on the unbelievers and the hypocrites and deal rigorously with them. Hell shall be their home: an evil fate" … "Believers, make war on the infidels who dwell around you. Deal firmly with them. Know that God is with the righteous".
sura 9: 73,122-123

It appears a majority of Muslims in the world today may indeed view America as the last great wall preventing the natural advance of Islam. In their mind, America must be destroyed or brought down, by any means necessary, to facilitate the end goal of all true Islamists, the total domination of all people and places. This is what motivated Sheik Rahman to try and blow up the New York towers. This is what motivates many Muslims throughout America to speak of a day when America will fall to Islam's power.

The Abu-Hafs al-Masri Brigades, a group linked to al Qaeda, took credit for the Nov 2003 Istanbul, Turkey synagogue attacks stating: "The remaining operations are coming, God willing, and by God, Jews around the world will regret that their ancestors even thought about occupying the land of Muslims." Does the God of Islam urge his people to kill other people who are gathered to worship? If not, we would hear Muslims speaking out clearly stating that the God of Islam does not urge the children of Ishmael to murder the children of Isaac, and not just Islamic politicians issuing statements to westerners, but clerics, imams, teachers, ayatollahs, and common lay members who regularly drop to their prayer rugs and fill mosques for worship.

Many Muslims might be peace loving and thoroughly disgusted with the acts of Islamic terrorism, but it is a sad fact that most of them are afraid to do anything about it. They know better than anyone the number, strength, and probable consequences of opposing the extremists. Also, it should be pointed out that many Muslims do not know in any detail the historical facts surrounding their own prophet. But in contrast, Muslim terrorists are usually very well educated in Islamic history, doctrine, and theology. They are the pious members of the ‘religion’ … spiritual leaders, and they operate with full confidence knowing they are following the example of their prophet. So often we hear of the fire-breathing clerics, even in this country, spewing hateful sermons inciting followers to act against many perceived enemies. The western expectation is that ‘moderate’ Muslims sanction them and appoint/elect better teachers and representatives, but to hope for such is naïve. To become a pious leader in Islam is to become fully acquainted with the real Muhammad and real Jihad. There are in reality relatively few religious leaders who teach a doctrine different than the one taught by Muhammad, and those are rightly considered apostate or corrupt teachers by most Islamic bodies in the world. In most parts of the Muslim world, there are the fire-breathing types of leaders who make no bones about their violent leanings, and then there are the more savvy diplomatic types who speak conciliatory tones when non-Muslims are near. But to their own people and in their native tongues, often those same diplomats can be heard praising all terrorists who act in Islam’s name calling them Heroes and Martyrs. Remember that lying and deceiving non-brothers is explicitly allowed by Islamic doctrine set down by Muhammad himself.

Recent Islamic Terrorism Actions, by Country

ALGERIA - Approximately 130,000 people have been killed in Algeria during the last 9 years or so. The incidents are too numerous to report in any detail, and continue today. Below is one story from one of the survivors of an Islamic terrorist attack. The Muslim terrorists are not responsible for all the deaths; the Algerian police and Army have also killed many. However, the Muslim terrorists frequently target civilians, children, and those that are unable to defend themselves. By one account Muslim terrorists stabbed to death 4 French nuns.

BLIDA, Algeria - Islamic guerrillas hold captive brides hostage to terror by Martin Regg Cohn Toronto Star Middle East Bureau. In the dead of night, in the name of Islam, four terrorists burst into the home of 17-year-old Salima Amina Zenagui. Accusing her of loose morals, the Islamic fundamentalists ordered Zenagui to cover her auburn hair with a hijab head-scarf. Then they abducted her at gunpoint to their underground hideout, where the teenager was forced to marry a terrorist twice her age. After a religious wedding ceremony, he raped her - with a warning that any resistance would mean certain death. The bleeding didn't stop for 15 days. The mental torture, and the physical cruelty, continued for another five months. During the long nights and endless days, Zenagui slowly lost her sanity. And the will to live.

Zenagui is one of thousands of young women and teenage girls believed to have been kidnapped by fundamentalist terrorists during Algeria's five-year Islamic insurgency. Forced into so-called temporary marriages that are a religious license to rape, their screams are soon silenced. Most of the victims have their throats slit, their bodies dumped in wells like the one discovered last week in Bentalha, just outside Algiers. Police were drawn by the stench of death to the 40-metre-deep well, where they found about 30 badly decomposed corpses of women and girls believed to have been abducted and raped after a massacre in the area a month ago.

Known as "zawaj al mutaa", or "marriage of pleasure, the controversial practice is disdained by mainstream Muslims today. It dates from Islam's early years, when fighters in a holy war helped themselves to single women during periods of hardship or isolation. Zenagui believes her captors were fundamentalist terrorists from the GIA, who rationalize rape as a way of motivating their men to sacrifice themselves for Islam. Even as they mistreat their captive women, they worship their God. In their hideout, Zenagui watched them pray toward Mecca five times a day. They read the Koran, Islam's holy book, and often played inspirational cassette tapes about the Prophet Mohammed.

ARGENTINA - In March 1992, Muslim terrorists blew up the Israeli embassy in Argentina, killing 29 people. On July 18, 1994 a car bomb blew up the Argentine-Israeli Mutual Association, killing nearly one hundred people.

BANGLADESH - Islamists in this 83 % Muslim country aspire to establish a true "Islamic Republic" much like the Taliban. Members of minority religions have been under constant attack for decades. Some reports indicate Buddhists and Christians were blinded, had fingers cut off, or had hands amputated, while others had iron rods nailed through their legs or abdomen. Women and children have been gang-raped, often in front of their fathers or husbands. Pakistani Muslim soldiers raped 250,000 Bangali women in 1971 after massacring 3 million unarmed civilians. Hundreds of temples were desecrated and statues destroyed with thousands of homes and businesses looted and/or burned. The human rights organization ‘Freedom House’ reports native Hindus have been subject to "rape, torture and killing with the destruction of their cultural and religious identity at the hands of Muslims."

CHINA - Uighur Muslim separatist terrorists are active in Western China's Xinjiang Province. It is known that bombings and attacks have taken numerous lives, but the Communist regime suppresses most news and reports.

EGYPT - In Sept 1991, in Imbaba, a district of Cairo, hundreds of Muslims attacked the minority Christians there, burning down a church with a Pastor's wife inside. Other churches were attacked, and Christians were beaten. The government had to send in 3000 troops to stop Muslims from continuing to attack Christians. For years on-end in Egypt, Muslims have murdered hundreds of Coptic Christians. Muslims welding automatic weapons have even sprayed worshippers in church with bullets. In the deadliest attack on tourists in 1997, it was reported that at least 60 people were killed, including children, when unidentified gunmen opened fire at the world famous temple site of Luxor in southern Egypt. Islamist gunmen opened fire indiscriminately on tourists after the tourists got off a bus and were about to enter a temple in the morning. They were machine-gunned down by men shouting, 'Allahu-Akbar'. According to one eye-witness, two kids were holding down to their mothers' skirts when brutally torn into pieces with bullets. After the killing, the Islamists boarded a bus and prayed at a nearby mosque. Tourists from Egypt, Switzerland, Germany and Japan were among those killed in the attack. State television issued a brief statement saying "attackers hit a number of foreigners, Egyptians, and policemen who exchanged fire with them…" and the statement added that six attackers were killed in the shoot-out with police. Prior to the event, attacks by Muslim militants had killed 34 international tourists in the past five years. 34 people were killed in attacks on two Sinai resorts at Taba and Ras Shitan Oct 2004. July 23, 2005 terrorists set off multiple bombs that killed at least 88 in the SHARM EL-SHEIK Red Sea resort packed with Jew, European, and Arab vacationers.

ENGLAND - In August 1994 two car bombs blew up in London, one at the Israeli Embassy and another at a Jewish charity shop. An Iranian expatriate by the name of Manoucher Motamer indicated that Iran was responsible for the bombings. London’s rude awakening occurred 7/7/05 in the underground and on a signature double-decker bus. Fifty-seven lost their lives, with about 700 seriously injured in the morning rush-hour attacks. The investigations into the 7/7/05 tube/bus terrorist bombings, with the failed attempt 2 weeks later by 4 more would be homicide bombers, has revealed the vulnerability of Western countries who take in large numbers of Muslims for humanitarian or economic reasons. Instead of feeling grateful for opportunities not available in native lands suffering under the influence of Islam, many instead feel compelled to impose the theology on their benefactors.

FRANCE - Several years ago, Muslim terrorist began bombing innocent French civilians. Here is one article:

TERROR Campaign widens; Bomb in Paris Subway - July 25, 1995 --At least four (4)people were killed and another 35 wounded in an afternoon terror attack that took place today in the Paris Saint-Michel underground station, near the Latin quarter. Police officials are investigating and wouldn't immediately comment, but French Prime Minister Alain Juppe is quoted by the Reuters News service as saying that he believes that "there is a very strong suspicion of a (terrorist) attack".

These attacks were similar to bombings carried out by Muslim terrorists in France in 1986, in which dozens of people were killed. On August 26, 1995, a militant Islamic group led by a twenty-four-year-old French Muslim named Khaled Kelkal attempted to blow one of France's high-speed trains off its rails. Luckily, the bomb's detonator failed. Later that fall, other bombs would go off: two in double-decked metro rail cars in suburban Paris, one in a trash can along the very bourgeois Avenue de Friedland, another in a Parisian open-air market, and one more in a provincial Jewish school. In all there were nine attacks in three months, which killed ten people and wounded 114. Nearly 100 anti-Semitic incidents were reported in France in 2000, including the fire-bombing of a Paris synagogue and a Jewish shop in Toulon, and a near-fatal stabbing of a religious man on a bus in London. The bus victim, a young man wearing a yarmulka, was stabbed at least 17 times in the face, neck and chest by a 27-year-old man from Algeria. There were 135 physical acts -- vandalism, arson, assault, and attacks or attempted attacks -- against Jews in the first half of 2004, compared to 127 for all of 2003, according to statistics. The growing attacks and anti-Semitism led Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in July 2004 to call for all Jews to flee France and repatriate in Israel.

In Nov 2003, Chantal Piekolek and Sebastian Sellam were brutally murdered within one 24-hour period. Chantal Piekolek was a 53 year old shopkeeper whose 10-year-old daughter heard her mother being murdered while she cowered in the storage room. Sebastian Sellam was a 23 year old popular disc jockey at a Parisian night club. The son of Morocco refugees who spoke fluent Arabic, he met his death in his parking garage en route to work. A Muslim he knew since childhood slit Sebastian's throat, carved up his face with a fork, and gouged out his eyes. He then climbed the stairs to the Sellams' apartment and showed the horrified mother his bloody hands saying; “I have killed my Jew, I will go to heaven”.

2005 in France saw in 2005 what can only be described as the first of that countries infadas, with more to follow. The events are described in some detail in ‘Jihad Precursor in Paris‘

INDIA - The scale of ‘loss of life’ and ‘social upheaval’ caused by militant Islam may be worse in India than any other land, simply by virtue of the number of individuals involved. By some estimates, over 60 million have died in conflicts with Muslims over the centuries. The famed historian Will Durant referred to this conquest as the bloodiest story in human history. During this period, countless Hindus were enslaved with millions massacred. Fear of death, subjugation, and enslavement forced many hapless Hindu victims to convert to Islam. Jihadists have destroyed all native Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist communities from five of India's provinces (including North Kashmir, now called Pakistan and Bangladesh). Islam first came into India as a Military force in the year 715 C.E., in the Province of Sindh, but it made inroads into the country proper between 1020 and 1194 after which Mohammedan power became dominant in north India. The people of Kerala had their violent introduction to Islam in the 18th century, when Tipu Sultan, the usurper of the Mysore Principality marched into Kerala attacking the Zamorin Raja of Calicut and began ‘converting’ people to Islam. Tipu went about with a Koran in one hand and a sword in the other giving the subject people of Kerala a choice of accepting Islam or death. Doing this, he marched from Calicut up to Alwaye where he was forced to retreat because of stiff resistance. In 1669 Aurangzeb issued a general order for the destruction of Hindu temples, and it is estimated that about 3000 temples were destroyed and converted into Mosques in the 750 years of Muslim rule in India. During the sultanate and later under Aurangzeb, many hundreds of thousands of Hindus were forcibly converted to Islam. The sentences of criminals and prisoners of war were ruthlessly executed with mercy and allowances only available to individuals embracing Islam. The Jaziya tax was both a heavy financial -burden and a badge of inferiority borne by the Hindu, which also stimulated conversions to Islam. In the 1860s a Muslim cleric in the Punjab region of India launched a murderous jihad initially against Sikhs, and then against all non-Muslim groups. In South India in 1921, jihadists carried out massacres, the forced conversion of Hindus, and the desecration of Hindu temples. The number of casualties over the centuries are at least and order of magnitude greater than suffered by the Jews in the holocaust, and the ongoing conflicts have been key to the economic and social disadvantages of Indian society. Although Indians are an industrious and educated people, the social, political, and economic costs of the ongoing conflicts are the cause of its poor economic performance compared to other industrialized nations.

INDONESIA - The Voice of the Martyrs Magazine writes that, "around 280 churches have been burned, demolished, stoned, attached and closed since 1991 in Indonesia (Sept 1996 issue). [That number is up to around 500 churches today.] The article continues, "The June 9, 1996 attack in Surabaya, the second largest city in the country was the worst yet as 10 churches were simultaneously razed by Muslim mobs." The article further records that 5,000 Muslims took part in the riots. Again, these actions are not the work of a few select terrorists, they are the work of normal Muslims who know what Islam expects of them, and as Muslims they exercised their faith to attack and destroy Churches in Jihad for Allah. Since the country is majority Muslim and has been for decades, no one knows the extent of the killings, rapes, and beatings. The peaceful Buddhists who previously occupied the region would have many stories to tell. Buddhist cultures seem particularly at risk to Islamic methods of conquest, and the appetite for violence for those performing the genocide is seemingly never quenched. Although 99% Muslim, non-Muslims are hit again and again. In August 2003 a blast at the JW Marriott hotel in Jakarta killed 12, and again with a suicide car bombing outside the Australian embassy in Jakarta in 2004 which killed 10 people. One of Indonesia's islands is Bali where most of million inhabitants are Hindu. Jemaah Islamiah, is the name of the terrorist Islamic flavor preferred by devout Muslims in that region. In 2002, the bombing of two nightclubs on that resort island of Bali killed 202 people, most of them foreign tourists (the infidel targets). It was, at the time, the worst terrorist attack anywhere in the world since Sept 11, 2001.

ISRAEL - Muslim actions against the Jews of Israel would fill volumes. I mention only one series of incidents here of particular significance. In 1921, the first British High Commissioner of Palestine, Sir Herbert Samuel, appointed one Haj Amin al-Husseini as the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem (1921-1937), in an attempt to appease Arab nationalism. After a series of violent riots against Jews, the Arab Hebron riots in 1929 resulted in the rape and massacre of most of that Jewish community, the chief instigator being the very same Haj Amin Al-Husseni. The Jews of Hebron were nearly all exterminated, with men's testicles cut off, women raped, their breasts cut off, and babies slashed to death. Following his early release from a British prison in connection with the Hebron massacres, Husseni started issuing fatwas against all Jews. In 1937, the Grand Mufti's violence reached such a crescendo that he had to escape from Palestine. He found sanctuary in Lebanon, where he was welcomed by the French (surprise!). In 1941 he helped organize a revolt of the Arabs in Iraq against the British with the encouragement of the Germans. When that failed, the Grand Mufti made his way to Berlin, where he remained from 1941 until the end of World War II as the guest of Adolf Hitler. While in Berlin he broadcast propaganda on behalf of the Nazis to the entire Middle East. He organized the Moslems in Albania and Kosovo (including the SS Khanzar Muslim division) for the German war effort on the Eastern Front and against the Jews. He constantly encouraged the Nazi death machine to exterminate the Jews of Europe at a faster pace. The Mufti surpassed even Adolf Hitler in his hatred for Jews. At the 1946/47 Nurenberg War Trials, Adolf Hitler's deputy, Dieter Wisliceny, testified that "the Mufti was one of the instigators of the systematic extermination of European Jewry and had been a collaborator and adviser of Eichmann and Himmler in the execution of this plan." The Grand Mufti became an international figure and a rallying point for the Arabs of the Middle East and fascists around the world. At that point in time he had a valid claim to have been instrumental in killing more Jews than anyone else. Yasser Arafat was known as Mufti's relative, and was seen by many Arabs as his spiritual heir.

ITALY - A Muslim stabbed, but failed to kill, Ettore Capriolo, the man who translated "The Satanic Verses" into Italian. The attack occurred in Milan Italy. A bomb blast Feb 26, 2002 damaged parked cars and shattered windows near the Interior Ministry in downtown Rome. Investigators believe the bomb was planted on a moped around the corner from the ministry, the headquarters of Italy's national police and security services. The attack, while largely symbolic, reflected a rising tide of Islamic terrorism that seems to be focused on Italy. Only days earlier the police uncovered a tunnel that suspected Muslim terrorists were digging in the vicinity the U.S. embassy in Rome, apparently intending to carry out a chemical attack or blow it up.

JAPAN - In July 1991, a Muslim murdered Hitoshi Igarashi, the Japanese man who translated "The Satan Verses" into Japanese. He was stabbed to death in Tokyo. A Muslim living in Britain - Abdul Quddus, who is a senior vice president of Britain's Muslim league, said,

"The attacks are justified because people translating the book are also insulting the faith."
vice president

LEBANON - Christian and Jewish communities experienced persecution since the early years of Islam. Muslims were particularly adept at inciting Christian and Jewish distrust and violence towards one another, The ‘divide and conquer’ strategy is a practice that continues today in Lebanon by setting up the Druze and Christians against each other, just like Christian and Hindus being set against each other in India. Once a jewel of prosperity in the Middle East, in the late 19th century Lebanon was again targeted for Chaos and conflict by neighboring Jihadists, resulting in a long civil war that turned the nation into what it is today …a backwards place with weak government where Hezbollah can operate with impunity. Today that chaos is perpetrated by fundamentalists in Syria and Iran against democratic leaning polititions and the remaining Maronite Christians and Druze minorities, as documented in the article ‘Lebanon’s Cedars Falling’

NIGERIA - In Oct. 1991, thousands of Muslims attacked Christian churches, businesses, and homes in Kano, Nigeria. Kano is in northern Nigeria, which is predominately Muslim. It was estimated that 300 Christians were murdered by Muslim mobs. Muslims were upset because Christian evangelists had been converting Muslims in the region to Christianity.

In northern Kaduna state, more than 400 people were killed in rioting instigated by Muslim religious leaders who had recently committed themselves to peace and reconciliation, and hundreds of homes and businesses, and at least six Anglican churches were destroyed by arson. Enraged after a Nigerian newspaper ran an article claiming Muhammad would probably have married one of the contestants of the Miss World contest, Muslims burnt down the newspaper offices. Rioters chanting "Allahu Akbar" barricaded streets with burning tires, and began looting and burning homes and businesses. Christian citizens were stabbed, beaten to death and even burnt alive. At the height of the riots Muslim youths operated roadblocks, checking the religious identity of motorists and viciously attacking any Christians they found." Our people are being shot, butchered and roasted," Bishop Josiah Fearon of the Diocese of Kaduna reported to a friend. Bishop Josiah believes the ‘Miss World’ article merely provided an excuse for the violence, which in reality was instigated for more sinister political reasons. Across North and Middle Belt Nigeria Muslim activists have successfully lobbied for the expansion of Shari’ah. Eleven states have now adopted full Shari’ah to the detriment of their non-Muslim minorities who have begun to see their freedoms eroded. However in Kaduna state, where Muslims and Christians are roughly equal in numbers, Governor Alhaji Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi has resisted the demands for full Shari’ah instead allowing for a more limited expansion applying it only in Muslim-majority areas. This has infuriated Islamic religious leaders who are trying to oust him from office. The article provided Muslim leaders with just the excuse they needed. By unleashing terrible violence against Christians they hope to instigate a crisis which will result in the governor’s removal.

In Dec. 2003 a student-led Islamic sect (Al Sunna Wal Jamma) launched an armed uprising with the aim of setting up a Taliban-style Muslim state in northern Nigeria. The group attacked the police stations in Kanamma and nearby Geidam, killing two policemen, stripping the buildings of guns and ammunition and burning them to the ground. They then retreated to a primary school in Kanamma where they hoisted the Taliban flag of Afghanistan. At least 18 people were killed.

Guardian Unlimited UK – Jos, Nigeria - Feb 26, 2004 - At least 48 people have been killed in the latest outbreak of religious violence in Plateau state, central Nigeria, the police said to Reuters yesterday. They were hacked down on Tuesday when Muslim warriors attacked Yelwa town in the mainly Christian district of Shendam. The Plateau police commissioner, Ilozuoke, told reporters: "The victims were pursued to a church they ran to for refuge and were killed … forty-eight of them died instantly." Security sources said the attackers' guerrilla tactics suggested that they were hired mercenaries from Nigeria's northern neighbors, Chad and Niger. Mr Ilozuoke said troops and police had been sent to the area to try to contain the violence, but no arrests had yet been made. More than 100 people have been killed in clashes between Christians and Muslims in southern Plateau in the past two years: in 2001 more than 1,000 were killed. And about 10,000 have died in communal and religious violence in Nigeria since 15 years of military rule ended in 1999.

PAKISTAN - The problems Pakistan is having with Islamic fundamentalists is well documented in today’s daily news. The history of Pakistan’s several wars with neighboring India, fundamentally inspired by Islam, are also well documented. One particular event characterizes what non-Muslims are facing in that country: In 1996 Muslims in Pakistan found a torn up Qur’an in a mosque, 30,000 Muslims attacked the only majority Christian town (Shanti Nagar) in Pakistan and destroyed over half of it. Churches were burned, businesses were destroyed, and women and girls were raped. The army had to come in to stop the Muslims. A worldwide outcry against the action prompted Pakistan's Prime Minister to help re-build the Christian homes, churches, and businesses that were destroyed.

[Note: This action was not the work of an organized terrorist group; rather it was a display of pure, real Islam as the majority of average simple Muslims in the region understood it. There was no Bin Laden leading the effort, no Hamas or Hezbollah orchestrating the action, it was ordinary Muslims, 30,000 of them, attacking a Christian village, because they thought that some Christian had torn up a Qur’an.]

PHILIPPINES - In the Philippines, the Abu Sayyaf specializes in kidnappings and beheadings of hostages in their terrorist campaign against the predominantly Catholic central government. In mid-1972, partisan political violence was generally divided along religious lines and gripped all of Mindanao and the Sulu Archipelago. In 1973-75, the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) fielded some 30,000 armed fighters. Destruction and casualties, both military and civilian, were heavy; an estimated 50,000 people were killed. Talks between the government and the Moros began in late 1976 under the auspices of the Organization of the Islamic Conference to which the Moros looked for support. The talks led to an agreement between the government and the MNLF signed in Tripoli. After a lull in the fighting, the truce broke down in 1977 amid Moro charges that the government's autonomy plan allowed only token self-rule. Conflict between the autonomous south and government has been on-again, off-again ever since, characterized by military defeats, followed by signed truces, then after a short period the breaking of the agreements by the southern Muslims on some pretext. On Jan 4th, 2004 a bomb killed over 10 people at a gymnasium in the southern Philippines, with up to 30 hurt. The target of the attack on the southern island of Mindanao was Vivencio Bataga, the Christian mayor of the largely Muslim town of Parang, who had survived several attempts on his life. Mindanao has been racked by more than three decades of violence as Muslim rebels battle to establish an Islamic state in the south of this overwhelmingly Roman Catholic country.

The Abu Sayyaf and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), an offshoot of the MNLF, continues to seek Muslim self-rule through Jihad (murder and terrorism). A little more than two decades after the government in Manila created the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, its five provinces remain among the poorest in the country as its population remains focused on war and separation versus economic development. The rebellion in the south has killed more than 120,000 people since the late 1960s and stunted development of an area rich in minerals, rice and other natural resources. The only thing that seems to be in abundance is weaponry to practice Jihad. Currently the Mindanao Muslims are demanding a large expansion of their lands and authority, and are attacking government forces and local Christians to make it a reality.

RUSSIA - Many more recent attacks are chronicled in Appendix C. What could collectively be described as Russia’s Sept 11th occurred late Aug, 2004, when homicide bombers brought down two commercial airliners, followed a week later by a bloody hostage incident at a school killing hundreds of women and children. The incident at Beslan, Russia is so significant that a special chapter has been dedicated to its description (read Chapter 17 ‘Beslan, Russia & Islam’). A notable fact is that the community targeted in the town of Beslan is a predominately Christian enclave in the mostly Muslim south Caucasus region. The never ending conflicts with Chechnya have killed tens of thousands of Russians, including bombings of innocents on commuter trains and in apartment blocks in Moscow.

SPAIN - Spain’s 9/11 occurred on March 11, 2004 when militant Islamists bombed several commuter trains, causing widespread death and injury, just prior to national elections. The people of Spain, in a state of shock, voted for appeasement and withdrew support forces from Iraq, as demanded by the militants. Spanish white hands raised in surrender brought great satisfaction to Islamic groups worldwide. But neither Islamic nor Western peoples feel respect for Spain’s capitulation, as the eventual destiny of any nation not willing to fight militant Islam is more speedy servitude to the Islamic masters manipulating them.

SUDAN - Separate from the earlier Christian and animist purges in the South, the Darfur genocide has recently left an estimated additional 40,000 people dead and 1.4 million displaced in Sudan and Chad. A State Department report, based on interviews with 1,136 refugees in neighboring Chad, said 67 percent of refugees reported witnessing aerial bombardment by (Islamic) Sudanese government aircraft; 61 percent reported the killing of a family member; 16 percent reported rape; and 33 percent reported hearing racial epithets. In months of interviews across Darfur, scores of Sudanese have described horrific atrocities committed by Janjaweed and Sudanese soldiers, including systematic gang rapes, summary executions, and male children being thrown into burning huts or onto pyres. The abuses seemed designed to erase the collective identity of the mostly Muslim black Africans, survivors said. Survivors testify that they often called the victims ‘slaves’, before raping women to create `Arab babies' and castrating the men. The Janjaweed killed male babies, apparently to wipe out future generations, the survivors said.

THAILAND - Four soldiers were killed Jan. 4, 2004 during the armory raid in Narathiwat province and more than 300 weapons were stolen. Over 20 schools were torched in what officials believe was a diversionary tactic. Two days later 2 monks, aged 65 and 13, were attacked with machetes and killed by four men on two motorcycles as they left a temple in Yala, about 1,000 km south of Bangkok. Since the armory raid, a series of hit-and-run assaults have killed at least 43 people in the Muslim-dominated southernmost provinces in this Buddhist majority country. Government officials blame the violence on Muslim separatists with possible links to terror networks like al-Qaeda. Most of the victims have been police officers, soldiers, Buddhist monks and village leaders, with at least 60 police killed in 2002 and 2003. A bloody struggle was waged in the 1970s and 1980s by violent Islamic separatist groups, some seeking reunification with Malaysia, costing thousands of lives. Muslims fighting for a separate Islamic nation are suspected of countless bombings, arson attacks, shootings and other assaults during the past several years in southern Thailand, in a bid to destabilize Bangkok's grip and allow Islamic "Sharia" law to dominate. Relentless arson attacks on government schools in the south during the past decade, has been blamed on Muslims who want to cripple the official education system so more Muslim children end up in local Islamic schools or fundamentalist institutions in the Middle East.

AP - Oct 16, 2005 Bangkok, Thailand — About 20 Muslim separatists stormed a monastery, hacked an elderly Buddhist monk to death and fatally shot two temple boys Sunday in southern Thailand, police said. Two policemen and six other people were killed in separate incidents across Thailand's three southernmost provinces, where more than 1,000 people have been killed since a century long struggle for an independent state reignited in 2004. Buddhist temples in the region are typically well-guarded by soldiers and local volunteers, but eight guards left the temple in Pattani province two weeks ago because of a funding shortage, police Maj. Narucha Suwallapa said. Most Thais are Buddhists, but Muslims are a majority in the country's far south. Thai officials have said they believe insurgent attacks on Buddhist monks and civilians are intended to make non-Muslim residents so fearful they will move out of the region. Attacks on teachers at government schools have prompted many educators to request transfers. Two policemen in Yala province were killed Sunday evening as they returned to their station after guarding a railway line. Gunmen in a pickup truck shot and killed the officers as they rode their motorcycles .... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Other Notable events: This section is by no means a complete list of Islamic conflict with current or past nations, and some may feel slighted to discover their countries conflict and struggle with Islamic militants is not represented here. Please forgive me if I have misplaced emphasis or omitted important events and struggles other innocent societies have had with Islam. My intent is to cite sufficient history to establish reality firmly and permanently into the minds of cognizant, honest adults. All history, news, and data would simply be overwhelming, and much too numerous to cite in a single chapter, book, or even in many volumes of works.

In previewing Islam’s domino-like conquests worldwide, the modus operandi appears to be triggered when they establish a "critical mass" of about 10 percent of a given population. At about that point Muslim leaders and politicians begin to become bellicose and intimidating in their demands. The Jihadist arm in unison actively foments violence, revolt, murder, kidnappings, and other criminal activities. This in-turn cowers peace loving peoples and many leave for safer regions, further accelerating Islam’s demographic conquest. Absent strong National leadership and will, no individual or neighborhood can withstand such onslaught for long. Europe should be terribly worried, by 2020 Muslims will account for 10% of its overall population. In population Islam is exploding, while the West is dying.

It is a curiosity to repeatedly hear of incidents when Muslims go on violent murderous rampages immediately after religious services on their Sabbath. In stark contrast to genuinely peaceful religions, young men stream out of Mosques going strait to work taking vengeance against some perceived slight or injustice. When Muhammad got offended, he murdered.... today, Muslims get offended, they murder. It is motivated by one and the same spirit and philosophy - the same malevolent spirit that appeared to Muhammad which caused him to attempt suicide, then talked him out of it, and started him on a path of violence. The same spirit that had him massacre 800 Jewish men and adolescent boys, then enslave their women and children (those Jews had never clashed swords with Muhammad or his followers until he attacked them). The spirit that drove Muhammad and his followers had a thirst for conquest, and during Muhammad's last 10 years of life the blood flowed freely.

Not only have Muslims attacked non-Muslims in Pakistan, but also the religious strife between Sunni and Shia Muslims has taken the lives of hundreds during the last few years. Bombings of each other's mosques and gunfights outside of Mosques have taken place. Even inside of the Mosques, people have been shot. It is probably safe to assume that even if Islam succeeded in conquered the whole world, the bloody peace of Muhammad would continue unabated between nations and tribes. Islam seems capable of justifying violence and war against anyone, anywhere, anytime, for almost any reason.

Though the devout continue to kill to bring about a day when the entire world is under the thumb of Islam, it is certain that wars and conflict would not end if that day were to ever arrive. Since the Islamic prescription for any hearsay, sacrilege, or misstep is violence, a world full of Muslims would undoubtedly be a world of continual tribal, regional, or economic war. Interactions between various Islamic peoples and sects today have demonstrated that conclusively. All Islamic visions of peace and utopia are unrealistic, nothing more than the unrealizable inventions of infantile magical thinking.