Islam Undressed: The Path Ahead

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Islam Undressed
By: Vernon Richards
Introduction: The View from Outside
The Issues at Hand
‘Real Islam’ from the Religious Texts
Islam and Jihad
Muhammad’s Actions, Speaking Louder than Words
The Battle of Badr
Actions of the four "Rightly Guided" Caliphs
Early Islam and the Crusades
Islam, Non-Muslims and Apostates
Islamic Honesty and Honor
The American Muslim
Worldwide Islam Today, by Country
Today’s News from Peaceful Islam
Real Islam; a Case Study
Islamic Psychology 101
Islamic Politics 101
The Infidel POW
Beslan, Russia and Islam
Persia-Egypt and Islam
Islamic Aid (Jizyah)
Spin …The Art of Ignoring the Obvious
The Gathering Storm
Seeds of Armageddon
Roots of Today’s Campaign
Liberty Threatened
Hard Options in Israel
Islamic Contradictions and Hypocrisies
Never-Ending Islamic Conspiracies
The Final Analysis on Real Islam
The Path Ahead
Epilogue: Dark Premonitions
About the Author
"If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, so that my children may have peace."
Thomas Paine, American patriot

Because of its asymmetrical nature, most people don't appreciate that the War on Terrorism is actually a World War. In this conflict Nation states are pitted against a myriad of terrorist organizations without borders and the Islamic theology pushing them, and not against other states like in previous World Wars and the Cold War. The theoretical battle between Democratic freedom and Islamic subjugation is not so familiar, yet still physical in nature, and fatal. It’s also unlike the Cold War where the free world fought repressive communists, who wanted to live and could be deterred by nuclear Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD). But the similarity with all earlier World Wars is that it has an ideological component, with both sides thinking that they are the good guys. On the one side are the people who believe that democracy with all its accompanying civil liberties is the best way for human beings to organize their societies, whereas the other side spits at democracy and fights for the world to be ruled in accordance with the medieval laws of Allah, the "oft-forgiving, most merciful" Muslim God who, unfortunately, does not love non-believers. In many ways, this asymmetrical warfare is more dangerous because the enemy (men eager to die so as to be rewarded with carnal Paradise) could be living amongst us, and most probably are.

The war on the ideological front, which should be so clear in its boundaries, unfortunately is not going very well at all. Western concepts of civil rights, along with legal, political, and cultural constraints currently preclude government intervention of organized religions, and make it difficult to prohibit or punish inflammatory sermons of imams in mosques, or to punish clerics for issuing fatwas justifying terrorism. Myopic organizations like the ACLU, with support from activist judges, claim no boundary or limits can be placed on speech. Even without such opposition, within politics it is problematic to differentiate where free speech ends and incitement begins. As long as it so restricts itself the West remains at a severe disadvantage in the War of Ideas. Guilt related to colonial legacy also deters some Western governments from taking steps that may be construed as either anti-Muslim, or as signs of lingering colonialist ideology. Although statutes are in force in many European countries to cope with destructive and dangerous political and racial crimes (anti-Nazi and anti-racism laws), in democratic countries no statute has ever been considered to date against religious ideologies deemed a threat to existing governments and citizens. Most of the new terrorism prevention legislation enacted in some counties depends on surveillance and subpoena powers but does not empower agencies to deal with religion-based "ideological crimes". This mindset and approach needs to be reconsidered if the West hopes to counter the unquestioned fatwas being issued calling to Muslims to take up the sword and kill infidels. As long as we are only dealing with the brainwashed Islamic soldier, and not the teacher who sent him, we will never stop the flow of terrorists planning and carrying out more attacks against us.

The conflict and struggle between competing ideologies had always been a component of total war, but in this war the US has somewhat abandoned ideological warfare, restricting its criticism to terrorists who ‘got their religion wrong’. Even Bush tells us that Islam means peace, recognizing that most Muslims are not terrorists and some even disapprove (quietly) of the terrorist tactics pursued by militants. But the teachings of Islam make it quite difficult, if not impossible, for more moderate Muslims to openly wage war against the terrorists. It should be clear to any casual observer that the vast majority of Muslims instinctively rally to support fellow Muslims when they come under attack. It seems that no matter how unworthy or how violent and repressive a regime is, Muslims always prefer a bad Muslim to a good Infidel. Thus when the US attacked Afghanistan (ruled by the brutal Taliban), or Iraq (ruled by a murderous regime) Muslims all over the world protested. Saddam Hussein killed many more fellow Muslims than arch-enemy Israel ever did, yet many Muslims from all over the world volunteered to fight for him against the Coalition forces entering to liberate Muslims from the despot. What this means for America is that the war will not be effectively enjoined by any Muslim state, as even moderates cannot be counted on to support the forces of democracy against other Muslims. All we can reasonably hope for is a little bit of lip service and, hopefully, non-interference. The UN is not likely to suddenly improve its vision or develop a backbone either; it is left to us to protect ourselves.

In its affluence, peace, and untouched by the violence of ‘total war’ for over a half century, Americans look back with revulsion at the horror of Hiroshima, but hardly any of today’s self appointed moral elitists know anything about Okinawa. Whereas the exploits of George S. Patton and Douglas MacArthur, as well as campaigns in Iwo Jima and Normandy are heralded in books and films, almost none commemorate the far greater struggle on Okinawa in three months in 1945. Few appreciate what impact the suicidal fanaticism exhibited there had on our policymakers. American forces suffered 35 percent casualties in and around Okinawa, with over 12,000 American dead, 35,000 wounded, and over 300 ships damaged or sunk. The Japanese suffered 100,000 killed (many in hand-to-hand fighting) plus an additional 100,000 civilian casualties. Okinawa is a large island but minuscule in comparison with the far better defended Japanese mainland, which facts weighed heavy on the mind of our president who faced stark predictions of over a half million expected losses likely to be incurred in a Normandy type invasion. The Enola Gay and her crew, vilified by anti-war and anti-nuclear groups worldwide, killed tens of thousands to save hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of Japanese and American lives. Ten to hundreds of lives were saved for every life taken.

In all wars emotions run high and there is danger in extremism, but in this case there is also mortal peril in naïveté. It is crystal-clear that militant Islam is at war with the US as has declared as much by writ, word, and deed, so we should cease the intellectual dishonesty and accept that by default we are at war with them. The danger is very real, and we as individuals and as a nation must choose our method of coping. The decision is a simple one …fight ...or flight. The elite and peaceniks seem content to bury their heads in the sand and hope it will all go away, the rest are left with the hard task of accessing the situation and deciding how best to preserve both them and us. Both Hitler's SS troops and fundamental Islamic Jihadists are cut of the same totalitarian cloth. You simply cannot talk to or negotiate with a rabid dog; this sort of animal must be eradicated to insure the safety and survival of the human race.

What form will the next attack take? There is a high probability of near-term attacks on airliners using shoulder-fired anti-air missiles, probably simultaneously at several major US airports. In the first documented action against a commercial airliner outside of a war zone, a missile attack against an Israeli charter plane off the coast of Kenya in November 2002 missed its target. The incident is likely a "precursor" for anti-U.S. attacks in the future. There are hundreds of thousands of shoulder-fired missiles [MANPADs] throughout the world. In August 2003 the FBI (with assistance from Russian and British authorities) thwarted an attempt by a man with links to Al Qaeda to purchase a MANPAD in Russia and smuggle it into the United States.

The likeliest scenario would include multiple attacks against high-value/ high-casualty potential targets using the terrorist ‘go-to’ weapon, the truck/car/suicide bomb. If planned carefully and executed simultaneously, terrorists hope that the shock and horror would demoralize this country and result in political/military capitulation. Another scenario is an attack at a fuel terminal or depot, where a massive explosion or series of explosions could be ignited. The Valdez oil terminal in Alaska is under special protection because of intelligence suggesting that possibility. The model would be the May 23, 2002 attempt at the Pi Gilot fuel depot in Tel Aviv, Israel's largest facility, and located near heavily populated areas. Hamas terrorists strapped a bomb on a tanker truck that was detonated inside the depot. Luckily, the terrorists had chosen the wrong target — they bombed a diesel fuel truck that burned rather than exploding. Had they planned the attack better the terrorists might have killed an estimated 20-40,000 people. A strike at similar facilities in the United States, such as at the Port of Houston, would have huge human and economic costs.

Another possibility is the commandeering at sea of large tankers and rigging them with explosives, and using them to instigate a Muslim terrorist signature suicide attack at a major US port. Other possibilities include a poison attack of a major water supply center, and/or the destruction of several major dams. Attacks against large public gatherings (sports, other celebrations, or transportation hubs as happened in Madrid) are also possible. The possibility of biological or nuclear attack also grows larger daily. There are large stockpiles of nerve and biological agents in the hands of Syria, including probable recent additions from Iraq. Syria is a country that has repeatedly used Hamas as a proxy in its war against Israel and the West.

The worst possibility is, of course, the nuclear threat. The following news release highlights only the tip of the iceberg of extremist activity and the market availability of WMD’s. Much more activity lies beneath the surface well hidden, and therein lies the greatest mortal danger civilization has ever faced.

(UPI) Nov 15 2003 - Brno, Czech Republic - Czech uranium smugglers arrested. Two Slovaks were arrested in the Czech Republic for trying to sell what appeared to be low-grade uranium, police revealed Saturday. The men were arrested Friday during a sting operation at a hotel in Brno, police told the BBC.

The men were tricked into selling the material to a plainclothes police officer, and then arrested as they counted their money in their hotel room, police said. The head of the Czech Republic's nuclear safety authority said it was most likely low-grade uranium and could not have been used to produce nuclear weapons, the BBC said. Testing on the material, however, continued Saturday. It was the largest seizure of radioactive material anywhere in the world in the last nine months, the BBC said. Officials speculated the material may have come from Russia or another country in the former Soviet Union.

Rumors persist that Al Qaeda has already obtained several nuclear weapons and is just waiting for the right moment to set them off in US cities. Front page magazine published this article of warning.

In the Feb 24, 2004 annual assessment of global threats to the Senate Intelligence Committee, CIA Director George Tenet and FBI Director Robert Mueller testified that al-Qaeda is seriously damaged but has spread its radical anti-American agenda to other Islamic extremist groups that now pose the greatest threat to the United States. "The steady growth of Osama bin Laden's anti-U.S. sentiment through the wider Sunni (Islamic) extremist movement, and the broad dissemination of al Qaeda’s destructive expertise, ensure that a serious threat will remain for the foreseeable future - with or without al Qaeda in the picture ... And what we've learned continues to validate my deepest concern - that this enemy remains intent on obtaining and using catastrophic weapons."

Once the fanatics finally obtain one or more nuclear devices from whatever source, they must quickly use them because they cannot be held indefinitely. The fissionable material in a nuclear weapon decays rapidly, and must be replenished with freshly enriched material about every six years. Terrorists will have a weapon long before they have the ability to indefinitely maintain it, so the clock will be ticking from the moment it is in their hands. The device(s) will probably already have some time on it, and the prospect of obtaining additional weapons may be doubtful. Once obtained, it will be ‘use it or lose it’ for the terrorists, and no one should doubt their eagerness to set it off in a major city like Washington DC.

The timing and mechanisms are unknown, but the one thing that is certain is that by whatever method, another strike is coming. It is inevitable that terrorists will continue their efforts to attack us. The next attack is out there. It may not succeed; it may be detected and broken up, it may fail because of poor planning, poor execution, or maybe we will just get lucky, but do not doubt that it is nearing. The science of terrorism and destruction is not difficult to grasp or execute. Anyone with half a brain can find innumerable ways to destroy, kill, or maim. The victims will include Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, young and old, men and women. The sequel to that horror film "Sept 11th" is currently in production and coming soon to a theatre near you!

On September 11, 2001 we were sucker-punched and are still struggling to regain our bearing and composure. The chief task at hand since then has been in identifying and targeting enemies previously protected under the often-misguided umbrella of ‘tolerance’. The ‘politically correct’ media remains convinced that every religion is ‘right’ and none are ‘wrong’. Indeed it is taboo to even speak in a way that may be offensive to someone’s religious sensibilities, as if laws separating church and state also apply to church and media-speech. Though many with weak moral foundations remain uncertain, continuing to wrestle with what is right and wrong, truth does indeed ‘stand clear’ of spin and excessive relativism. It is time to wake up from the ‘ignorance-is-bliss’ mentality, recognize and acknowledge the root of the problem and get into the heads of these hateful people to decide out how best to destroy their will to harm us, even if that means killing large numbers of them to convince them of the errors in their thinking and goals. The only possible successful combat strategy must focus on the entire Jihadi organization including all internal structures, the theologians setting the goals, and all social and religious values giving comfort, moral-support, and sanctuary to terrorist foot soldiers. Each act of Islamic terrorism should be viewed for what it is, a collective criminal act.

Both the executive and judicial branches of the U.S. government are essentially declaring itself to be the ultimate authority of what is truly Islamic and what is not, inadvertently providing cover to the very theology acting to destroy its protectors. With little intimate knowledge of Islamic doctrine and teachings, and almost completely ignoring recent and distant history, our government continuously attempts to sever the association between Islam and terrorism. Officials do not deny that self-proclaimed Muslims are constantly trying to kill Americans, but it stridently denies any connection between violent aggression and genuine Islam. Despite the fact that those proclaiming it are politicians, bureaucrats, judges, and other members of U.S. officialdom, such proclamations are patently false. Not everyone making such claims are being deliberately deceitful, most are simply making certain assumptions about one of the worlds largest religions, having no particular competence to decide what is or is not Islamic, and so are under-qualified to make such judgments. Officials should contain themselves and not issue opinions on what constitutes the Islamic faith and which are its true representatives. Any individual who has struggled to review the material presented herein knows much more about terrorism and Islam than all of them, and indeed probably more than most Muslims know about their own religion as well.

Hubris, defined as "outrageous arrogance", has brought down many powerful and great civilizations before. Just like the Roman Emperors and its citizenry who never imagined their most advanced society would become part of 'ancient history', Western elites display exactly the same stupid arrogance. Today there is hubris in the Senate and House of Representatives where a few, sworn to preserve and protect, visited the enemy in Iraq prior to the invasion offering themselves as unwitting propaganda tools for dictators and despots. In both the 2004 and 2008 elections, the potential Democratic presidential candidates fell over themselves to lay claim to being the one most opposed to the Iraq war. The result exacerbated the difficulties of a nation at war, all democratic candidates willing to weaken national resolve in hope of gaining sufficient votes from ‘the convenient masses’ to secure the position of ‘Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces’, which forces they essentially denigrate. The party suffers from myopia, seeing all kinds of far-right conspiracies, but unable (or not allowed by the ‘politically correct’ blinders it designed and advocates) to see an enemy poised to strike us again and again. The Democratic Party seems only equipped to protect its advantage on ‘progressive’ judges, the environment, abortion rights, privacy rights of terrorists, and the entitlements and delicate sensibilities of special interest groups, but otherwise seem wholly ill equipped to protect us from anything more dangerous than vague unintended insults from the ‘insensitive’ Republican Party. Possibly the greatest Democratic president of all time, Kennedy, understood well the perils facing the US by communist totalitarianism and was willing to risk all to stand up to it, but sadly there are no Democrats of his caliber in our day.

All the while Islam, by its very nature, remains in permanent competition with other civilizations. This theory was expounded by the Harvard political scientist Samuel Huntington, who coined the term "Islam's bloody borders" -- a reference to the fact that wherever Islam rubs up against other civilizations -- Jewish, Christian, Hindu -- wars seem to break out. His work ‘Clash of Civilizations’ should be required reading at high schools, colleges, and universities. Amir Tahiri, the editor of ‘Politique International of Paris’ noted October 2001 that of the 30 wars going on at that time, 28 involve Muslim people fighting either non-Muslims or other Muslims. The true Islamic concept of peace goes something like this: "Peace comes through submission to Muhammad and his concept of Allah" (i.e. Islam). As such the Islamic concept of peace, meaning making the whole world Muslim, is actually a mandate for war. It was inevitable and unavoidable that the conflict would eventually reach our borders, and so it has.

"Believers, make war on the infidels who dwell around you. Deal firmly with them. Know that God is with the righteous".
Sura 9:122-123

So far we have gone to great lengths to reassure the Muslim world that we are not in a war with Islam, but only terrorists. However much of Islam understands better than our leaders do, that to fight the orthodox extremists in Islam is to fight against all that Islam holds sacred, and so in their minds we are indeed fighting Islam . But in reality we are not fighting all Muslims, just those who send, support, train, supply, fund, handle, protect, sympathize, admire, or hide Jihadic warriors worldwide. What percentage of Islam is that? A conservative estimate might be 25% of Muslims, which is still a number in the hundreds of millions. This is a huge problem any way you look at it, not likely to be solved by bombing a few camels and decrepit tanks in Afghanistan even when followed by a spectacular armored column run strait into the heart of Baghdad. In fact tens of thousands of fundamentalists, particularly their ‘religious’ leaders, will need to be helped into paradise to convince the rest it is in their best interest to reform their schools and abandon their terrorist ways. The most dangerous potent extremists in the world currently reside in Iran, Pakistan, Syria, and Saudi Arabia. All these nations need to be rendered impotent economically, militarily, and politically in order to cut off the head of the venomous snake poised to strike us.

If we are willing to accept our lot and protect our present and future nation, major changes will be needed in all aspects of our lives. Change is not easy, but as once said;

"A little revolution every now and then is a good thing, it clears the atmosphere".
Thomas Jefferson}

Jihad is not going away on its own, it needs to be helped. An awakening and ‘Cultural Revolution’ must first take place here before we can successfully commit to the task at hand. The set of changes and actions that could define victory are the responsibility of our military and political leaders, but require the full support and participation of every citizen who must now trust that judgment.

Much more needs to be done to dissuade Muslims from their lust to destroy the West and kill non-believers. Our current measures of providing blanket legitimacy to Muslims through the failed principals of multiculturalism and diversity will bring us more Jihad not less. Such suicidal policies will not protect us in any wit, rather they give Islamists cover to continue recruiting and planning for the demise of the very institutions currently protecting them. Unfortunately, to discuss what could be done to protect us from the next terrorist mega-attack is an exercise in futility with current political realities. Whereas no one would have thought of providing Nazi prisoners of war a personal copy of Mein Kampf, today we provide respect and copies of the Qur’an to interned terrorists. Then to add insult to injury, we allow our idiotic overtures to be used to discredit our own military. Almost four years since 9/11, and a multitude of Muslim terrorist activity since, still the theology that creates them remains largely immune from challenge because it calls itself a religion. In previous conflicts against totalitarianism, success meant we did not support or excuse ‘moderate’ Nazis, Fascists, Imperialists, or Communists …all followers and supporters of the dangerous philosophies were brought low in total war. Both Hitler and his vile Nazi credos were criticized in order to defeat it. From 1933 onward, anyone wearing a swastika and reciting from Mein Kampf would be immediately recognized as a dangerous enemy and dealt with. Today Qur’an carriers wearing beards are given wide berth to carry on their anti-Western Jihadic crusades. When the other shoe drops, and tens of thousands to millions of Americans are dead and maimed, perhaps effective measures might yet be adopted. Until then we can present only watered down wish-lists which are bound to be defeated by CAIR, the ACLU, and all their suicidal leftist apologists.

While there are things we can do within the scope of what is currently politically feasible, there are many more things which we should, but cannot do because of suicidal leftist opposition. Some things in the latter category will likely move into the former, after the next mega-attack on American soil. But for now, I will group them all together in this synopsis, leaving it to the reader to decide what is feasible, and what is fantasy.

#1 Educate. A crystal clear grasp on reality would provide a tremendous boost to assist beleaguered Western civilizations. To achieve that, University and High-School student text material needs to be purged of anti-American, anti-democratic, and pro-Islamic propaganda. Real history relating to communist, socialist, and Islamic histories should be taught in a dispassionate, accurate manner. Americans need to be taught how to recognize all totalitarian theologies and identify their various means of brainwashing the general public. The true history of Muhammad caravan raiding tactics, his political achievements, and his methods of assassination and Jihad need to be comprehensively and fearlessly exposed. This also provided the added benefit of preventing immature young people from becoming the unwitting tools of today’s Islamists.

#2 Prosecute. Under Rico and other laws designed to protect this country from the promotion of seditious acts designed to overthrow civil society, arrest and imprison anyone advocating Jihad against both Americans and our allies. Relentlessly prosecute treason, sedition, racketeering, inciting to violence, and hate-speech crimes perpetrated by Muslim leaders and lay. Seize property, including mosques, of any individual or group found promoting violence and bigotry. Once their prison term is up, the same individuals need to be exported to their country of origin. The first phase of this ‘extremist’ round-up would include all Wahhabi assets and leaders.

#3 Respond. The claim that violence begets violence is not always true. In fact well executed, professional violence works quite well when the other party has been sufficiently subdued, especially if they are dead. Just witness the behavior of dhimmi in Islamic lands. Hands must be untied to be able to strike with the kind of lethality required to finish the ugly task and put it behind us. Those not willing to live as slaves must be willing to execute greater violence than those trying to enslave them. Islamists are executing methods of ‘total war’ while we worry incessantly about ‘Arab opinion’, and ‘collateral damage’. Our current ‘hands-off’ policy towards the government and forces of Syria and Iran, while they provide considerable support to Jihadists worldwide, is reminiscent of the failed Korean and Viet Nam military policies. The enemies of freedom anxiously seek to enter the next world to receive their reward for their hatred and efforts to kill non-believers, and we must as quickly as possible expedite that journey for them. That may sound like warmongering, but it is simply a practical reality of survival to kill creatures threatening your family with cold calculation. The dogs of war must be unleashed to convince not only Jihadists, but all social/religions institutions supporting them, that terrorist policies will bring unacceptable consequences. They are going to hate Americans and Jews no matter what we do, so we might as well follow policies that will actually destroy our enemies and their supporters, instead of vainly trying to win some sort of popularity contest.

I also proffer the following suggestions. They may seem extreme now, but hearts will change if and when enough pain and death has been visited upon this people, so they are offered here in advance of that consensus:

1. The President should clearly and unequivocally identify the Islamic threat and Congress officially declare war on all groups and governments promoting Islamic Jihad against America or her allies, or who in any way support, justify, or enable terrorist threats and acts. Habeas Corpus should be suspended for all matters related to national security (as Lincoln did in the Civil War). We must not allow liberal weasels from the ACLU, whacked-out tree huggers or an activist interfering Judiciary to obstruct the execution of the war.

2. Retroactively reclassify Islam from a religious organization to the socio-political organization it is, subject to all the taxes, rules and laws of political organizations. Move to control Muslim schools. Socrates was quite correct when he warned "Ignorance is the mother of all ills". Islamic clergy and texts should be outlawed in our prison systems, including Gitmo. Other works glorifying treason, rape, murder, and thievery are not allowed, Islam should be no different.

3. Extend, strengthen, and enlarge the ‘Patriot Act’ to allow vetting of all Muslim Americans and all immigrants from Islamic lands, including penalties for municipalities who fail to support it. Profiling is good, monitoring of Muslim mosques and imams is smart. This should not bother any true patriots who have nothing to hide. Japanese and German citizens were not allowed to immigrate during World War II. Its dangerous to allow people from Arab and Moslem nations to immigrate. The borders should be shut down, with broader legal work/immigration policies implemented for friendly (non-Muslim) foreigners.

4. The CIA should recruit and create an army of indigenous operatives to infiltrate all organizations suspected of planning harm to our nation. How hard can it be to memorize parts of the Qur’an, bow 5 times a day, praise Allah, grow a beard, spew anti-Jew/American invectives on cue, and (god willing) shoot an AK47. These recruits should not be Muslims, but very knowledgeable of Muhammad (peace be upon him).

5. Bite the bullet and shut down Iran’s oil economy with a blockade. Iranian Oil is a main funding source for Islamic aggression and expansion worldwide. Also fund and support indigenous opposition groups in Iran with weapons and, if necessary, air support.

6. More quickly build up the police and national military forces in Iraq, wish them luck in maintaining a democracy, then leave. Recognize the ‘Marshal Plan’ will not work in Islamic lands, and stop trying to buy friends. The people deeply resent help from inferior Infidels and will not develop a sudden case of gratitude and become our best friends like Japan and Germany. Let Iraq rebuild borrowing against future oil sales.

7. Terminate all aid to Iraq, Palestinians, Egypt, Jordan, Somalia, Algeria, Sudan, Pakistan, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Albania, Indonesia, and any other Islamic nation who persecutes non-believers. Pour the Jizya aid we now give them into emergent democracies, and under the still infallible ‘Monroe Doctrine’, the Americas. Assist the good people of Russia with troops and material in their war in Chechnya. Warn Pakistan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia that continued friendly relations with the US absolutely depends on an immediate and comprehensive reformation of their schools as well as all new religious leaders abandoning Jihadic concepts. Warn first, and then if they are not serious about reform, seize all assets.

8. Forget the EU, forget the UN, and completely rework NATO cutting out France, Turkey, and Germany. Withdraw all support and funding to the UN and send the inept diplomats packing with their flags in tow. Withdraw all forces from Western Europe, leaving the Bosnian/Serbian/Kosovo problem to the ‘morally superior’ French. Under a new framework, sign all new military alliances with Great Britain, Russia, Poland, Italy, Australia, India, Japan, the Philippines, and other friendly nations.

9. Assign an all new 75¢/gal tax on gasoline/diesel to drive down demand and fund the following:

a. Require development of oil reserves in Alaska, offshore, and elsewhere. Support and subsidize new and expanded Coal and Nuclear energy sources. Nuclear power plants are much less polluting anyway.

b. Invest in fusion research with the goal of harnessing the power of the helium3 (via lunar mining) or the hydrogen molecule to generate electrical power. D + 3He → p(14.7 MeV) + 4He (3.7 MeV) + 18.4 MeV

c. Create more incentives for oil/gas conservation like car pooling, higher efficiency engines, braking regeneration/conservation, lighter/stronger vehicles employing smaller engines, more efficient methods of mass transit, capturing solar/wind/water potential, etc ect.

10. Open another front against the other tool Islam uses to both weaken us and finance its efforts. Open a front against drug use and drug pushers. Educate citizens on how proceeds are used to fund terrorist activity, and call for volunteers to fight the war on terror and drugs. Stiffen penalties for those who profit in despair, and provide more help getting young people off their dependencies.

11. Rework START to allow the US, Russia, and other friendly allies to both dominate space and rework their nuclear arsenals, including spares for replenishing weapons expended in wartime. If it proves that the Islamic threat becomes unmanageable by other methods, a huge stealth armada of hydrogen and neutron bombs should be developed and deployed in orbit, while at the same time preemptively shooting down any space asset launched from unfriendly countries who will not guarantee verifiable non-nuclear ambitions. Mechanisms can be built into the weapons to physically prevent their use against friendly countries.

12. It should be made clear to all nations that the US will respond to nuclear or biological attacks, not in kind, but with such force to destroy all nations and peoples deemed remotely culpable or even sympathetic to acts of terror and genocide against us. It should be denoted the new YAD doctrine (as opposed to MAD), which stands for ‘Your Assured Destruction’.

These proposals require courage, vision, sacrifice, and a complete changing of the ‘politically correct’ guard. The voice of pacifists will sound shrill as ever, but as Islamic violence continues to expand, patience for ignorance and fools will grow short with increasing knowledge of the goals of terrorist foot soldiers, and awareness of the hoards of Muslims cheering them on from the sidelines. The sleeping giant stirred briefly after Sept 11th, but slumbers still. That giant may soon be forced to awaken …for if not he will surely die in his sleep.

In taking measures to protect ourselves and dissuade governments supporting Muslim militants, we should not be so arrogant as to think such actions will end the huge problem of Jihad for all peoples and places, especially for the billions trapped by the cult in majority Islamic countries. When Muslims see that their philosophy is flawed and their God cannot help them, it will be but the first small step in the long process of Islam’s eventual ruin and subsequent reformation. In reality Islam can only be brought down from within, by men such as Ali Sina who runs a site to help his fellows see the error of their ways, and who offer the 21st century equivalent of a ‘freedom train’ to assist those wanting to escape the misery of its spiritual slavery (visit After all the death and misery, the end of the danger which Islam brings to the world will come at the hands of good Muslims following conscience over Islam. As we act against militants and their supporters, every effort should be made to support all legitimate freedom movements in Islamic lands.

Only those who join in the battle against Islamic terrorists will retain their safety and God-given liberties. Middle Eastern and other Islamic countries who choose to remain in the 7th century will be left to suffer and wallow in the despair they have wrought upon themselves and the rest of the world, and will scratch out an existence behind ever growing measures found effective to prevent Islamic ideologies and peoples from further contaminating the civilized world. Muslims in free lands will finally get a real education, and leave the violent tenants of Islam in huge numbers. A coordinated alliance between Russia, Australia, China, the United States, Canada, England, France, Poland, Italy, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Israel, and India, would quickly defeat the Imperial designs of Muslim Imams and leaders worldwide. It cannot be accomplished with political correctness or proportionate response, methods of weakness and failure, but with comprehensive real education for all, and unbridled methods of 'total war' where needed, showing no mercy against a foe that shows no mercy to us as they shoot our children in the back, raping, pillaging, torturing, mutilating, beheading, terrorizing innocents gleefully while chanting "Allah Akbar". Al Sadr and his ilk, Osama bin Laden's all, and all who sympathize and worship them as heroes and martyrs, must be wiped from the face of the earth forever.

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