Images of Jihad (Indonesia): Kandangan, Bogor & Lampung 2007

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Images of Jihad
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Kandangan (July 27, 1997)

Following a rumor of blasphemy against the Qur'an, Christian churches, Hindu temples, and the house of the village-leader were burned and destroyed by Muslim mobs.
Indonesia F1.jpg
Indonesia F2.jpg
Indonesia F3.jpg
Indonesia F4.jpg
Indonesia F5.jpg
Indonesia F6.jpg

Bogor (1997)

Indonesia o5.jpg
Barito Pacific Church ruins
Indonesia o1.jpg
Side view of church
Indonesia o7.jpg
Main door to the Barito Pasific Chruch
Indonesia o3.jpg
Another view from ouside the church ruins
Indonesia o6.jpg
Inside view of the burned Church
Indonesia o2.jpg
A House located left to HKBP Banjarmasin Church was burned
Indonesia b1.jpg
Indonesia b4.jpg
Bukit Zaitun's Prayer House was burned in Bogor.

Lampung (November 25, 1997)

An organized crowd consisted of approximately 300 to 350 people attacked a church in Lampung, Southern Sumatra.
Indonesia c6.jpg
Front view of church building prior to its demolition.
Indonesia c2.jpg
Within 30 minutes, only smoke and ruins were left. They destroyed the church building as they yelled, "we won!"
Indonesia c3.jpg
Destroyed church building, smoke, and minister's wife.
Indonesia c5.jpg
4000 roof tiles and 300 red bricks were destroyed.
Indonesia c8.jpg
Christian man whose feet were beaten using a metal rod, his neck was kicked, and his back was beaten with a wooden log.

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