Template:ImagesIndex Slavery is explicitly allowed by Islam. This sanction of slavery has helped the Muslim world create one of the largest trans-continental slave trades in history.


A painting by Jean-Léon Gérôme of a Slave Market.
An African trader (possibly an Egyptian) with two Sudanese slave girls for sale. The African is a Muslim while the girls are not.
13th century slave market in the Yemen
A Muslim slave trader.
A 19th-century engraving depicting an Arab slave-trading caravan transporting black African slaves across the Sahara.
A boy slave in the slave trade market of Zanzibar punished by his ‘Arab master’ by being chained to a 32 pound log.
Harem pool with black eunuch slave. Black slaves serving harems were desirably castrated ‘level with the abdomen’.
Unlike the West, slavery is still alive and thriving in the Islamic East.
Finally free: Mende Nazer was abducted and sold into slavery in Sudan at the age of 12. She has been granted asylum in UK.

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