How to Leave Islam

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  1. Be safe.
    • A person who openly leaves Islam often faces death threats. So always watch out for such threats.
  2. Learn more about Scientific Errors in the Quran, hadith and so on.
    • These errors prove that the Qur'an is not the word of God and that Muhammad is not a messenger of God.
  3. Reject the method of teaching in madrassas, where you have to learn an unknown language by heart. Instead, understand the meanings of the Islamic scriptures.
  4. Respect women as equals of men.
  5. Give up Muslim rituals.
  6. Learn more about the life of Muhammad, what he did and why.
  7. You can convert to another religion or be an atheist or agnostic.
  8. Respect and appreciate non-Muslims.
  9. Keep your children away from Islam as well.
    • Your exit from Islam might well be a sort of waste if your children are raised as Muslims and self-identify as Muslims.

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