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Funding of Islam takes the form of direct and in-direct methods.

Islamic countries

In countries under the rule of Islamic law, many lucrative and secure jobs are availabe only to people trained in Islamic law especially the judiciary in Saudi Arabia[1]. In Iran, many executive positions are also reserved for Islamic clerics.

Public revenue is also used to build mosques and pay the salaries of Islamic leaders.

Pakistan which is a major recipient of U.S. aid is well-known to fund Islamic religious schools known as madrassahs. Some believe this funding extends legitimacy to the institutions that crank out Islamic radicals. One educator has said,"Why should we promote a system that uses religion exclusively as a framework? They have played a negative role, and their influence needs to be minimized, not institutionalized."[2]


In June 2007, Belgium officially recognized 43 mosques. Consequently, the mosque officials will receive monthly wages and housing, like other religions.[3] The Belgian Muslim Executive (EMB) chairman, Coşkun Beyazgül, that officially represent the Muslims in Belgium said, "It is of course a belated decision, considering that Muslims were not financially supported for 33 years."[4]

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, the government is providing funds to promote moderate Islam.[5][6] Millions of dollars are spent to shore up the image of Islam and curb Islamic extremism.

United States

In the United States, some believe that foundations and the government should provide financing for moderate Islam.[7] Additionally, the U.S. government has funded Council of American Muslims for Understanding[8] to improve the image of Islam.

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