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Freedom Bulwark ( is a multilingual blogging platform designed for individuals with a focus on the criticism of Islam. It was launched in July 2013 by Ali Sina and is a project of Faith Freedom International.

According to the site, "The Internet provides the illusion of safety. Many people have lost their freedom and their lives when they spoke their minds on Facebook or Twitter. We created FreedomBulwark so you can speak freely and anonymously. We will also promote your blog and help you have an audience. We want to empower those who wish to promote freedom, democracy, and peace through equality and justice."[1]

The project originally began in 2010 as Freedom Bulwark Resistance (,[2] a social networking platform for "individuals who are concerned with the spread of Islam."

According to the site, "We are many, but not organized. FreedomBulwark is a hub where we can meet, exchange the news, share ideas and put in action our plans. Complaint is not enough, it’s time for the politicians to change or be changed."[3]

Freedom Bulwark uses a "karma" point-system, and also has its own forum.[4]

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