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Factual Persuasion: Refuting Official Islam


Each and every point of Official Islam is at best a half-truth. Since many people believe these half-truths, it is very important to know how to refute the errors of Official Islam.

Here is a point by point refutation:

The religion of Islam is similar to Christianity and Judaism. They all worship the same god

Islam is not only a religion, however, but a complete civilization with a political system of Sharia law and an Arab culture. It is the politics of Islam that are ruinous, not the religion. The Koran has 64% of its text devoted to the politics of the Kafir, not how to be a Muslim. The Sira (Mohammed’s biography) devotes 67% of its words to jihad. Religion plays very little part in the Sira. Mohammed was a failure until he turned to politics and jihad. Islam’s success depends upon its politics, even today.

The religion of Islam is the Teflon cloak of Political Islam. People do not think of Islam as a political system, but a religion. You cannot criticize religion, so you cannot criticize Islam. This gets Political Islam off the hook.

Both Christianity and Judaism have the Golden Rule as their central ethical principle. Islam does not have a Golden Rule, but instead has dualistic ethics with one set of rules for Muslims and another set for Kafirs. The Koran repeatedly says that the scriptures of the Jews and Christians are corrupt and filled with errors.

The Koran defines Allah. The Hebrew Bible defines the Jewish god. Allah condemns, rails against and curses the Jews, but the god of the Hebrew Bible loves the Jews.

The Christian god is defined by the New Testament and loves humanity. Allah does not love humanity, but hates the Kafirs (non-Muslims) and only loves Muslims. The Koran insists that Jesus was not divine, was not crucified and was not resurrected. The Koran says that the Christian Trinity is God, Mary and Jesus and then adds that there is no Trinity. The Koran rejects every principle of Christianity.

The Jesus of the Koran is called Isa. Isa is not Jesus. And in the same way, the Musa of the Koran is not the Moses of the Torah. Every single “prophet” of the Koran that has a Jewish name is not actually the same prophet of the Torah.

The concept of the commonality of Abrahamic faiths is purely an Islamic assertion, without evidence.

Judaism and Christianity share the Hebrew Bible as being valid scripture. Islam denies the validity of the Hebrew Bible.

Good Muslims prove that Islam is good

Muslims per se prove nothing about Islam. Islam is the doctrine found in the Koran, Sira and Hadith. There is absolutely nothing that any Muslim can do about the doctrine of Islam, except to choose what part of it to follow. The word Islam means submission; the word Muslim refers to one who submits. This establishes cause and effect—Islam causes Muslims; Muslims do not cause Islam.

Besides, what is a “good” Muslim? Kafirs mean that a good Muslim is someone who seems nice. But that is a subjective and personal standard. The only measure of “goodness” of a Muslim is the Islamic doctrine. A good Muslim follows the Koran and the Sunna. So even if the Muslim seems nice that proves not a single thing about the Koran, Sira and Hadith.

It is faulty thinking to believe that everything that a Muslim does is pure Islam. Those who call themselves Muslims are also attracted to Kafir civilization. Few Muslims follow pure Islam. Muslims are also part Kafir and the goodness is due to their Kafir nature, not their Islamic nature. When Muslims are good to Kafirs they are following the Golden Rule, a Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu and atheist ethic, not Islamic ethical dualism which asserts Muslims should not take Kafirs as friends.

There are no jihadists, just extremists

This naming is either pure dhimmitude or deceit. It is impossible to be an extremist if you are following the Sunna of Mohammed. Islam rose to power through continued violence for nine straight years with an act of violence, on the average, every six weeks. The act of jihad is not extremism, but a manifestation of the core political doctrine of Islam. Put another way, none of the jihadists on 9/11 were extremists, but were extraordinary Muslims who followed the Sunna of Mohammed.

Islam must be accommodated in as many ways as possible This is dhimmitude (serving the needs of Islam) based upon ignorance and fear. Any student of Islamic history can show that Islam is never accommodated until the host culture follows Sharia. Mohammed was not satisfied until every person in Arabia submitted to Islam.

Accommodation of Islam means the end of free speech, free thought, freedom of religion, freedom of the press and our civilization.

One of the proofs of Islam’s greatness that Muslims offer is the Islamic Golden Age, humanity’s best days

The Golden Age is discussed in full in Chapter 7.

Violence by Muslims is due to their being poor and oppressed

This explanation works best if you are a Marxist of some flavor who believes that economics and materialism is the driver for human behavior. Anyone who has studied Islamic doctrine and history knows that Islam is based upon violence and that without violence Mohammed would have died a failure. Jihad was his best invention and was the reason for his success in Medina. In Mecca he tried religion as a basis for success and failed.

Violence by Muslims against Kafirs is mandated by pure Islamic doctrine.

The West got the basis of its intellectual world from Islam

When Islam destroyed the Greek culture of Anatolia and the Mediterranean, many of the surviving Greek and Roman texts were translated by Arabic Christians into Arabic. Later when Europe began to recover from the destruction of the Roman Empire by barbarians and the destruction of the Byzantine Empire by Islam, the Arabic translations became part of the recovery process as the old texts were translated back into European languages.

So as a result of the destruction of Greek culture and the preservation of the texts by Christian Arabs, Islam gets credit for saving European culture. Imagine that you had a valuable art collection that was stolen. Then the thieves burned your house. Afterwards, the police recovered your stolen art. Should the thieves get credit for the preservation of your art?

The Crusades were a great evil

The Christians of Europe committed some grievous errors in the Crusades. The worst mistake was attacking Constantinople and fatally weakening the Greek Byzantine Empire. This attack led to Islam’s success in conquering the Greek Byzantines, one of humanity’s great tragedies.

Another dreadful error was the killing of thousands of Jews on the way to Jerusalem. Persecution of Jews occurred on more than one Crusade.

Having said that, it was one of the few times that European Christians came to the aid of their tortured Orthodox Christian brothers. Remember— the Crusades were defensive warfare. Islam invaded and conquered the Christians of the Middle East. When the Orthodox Christians cried out for help, the European Christians responded. Since that time, most Christians have steadfastly ignored the suffering of their Orthodox brothers.

There are moderate Muslims and a few extremist Muslims

This is a perfect example of making statements about Islam based upon the Golden Rule and ignorance (or deceit) of the doctrine and history of Islam.

The only scale for measuring Muslims is Islam, not our ethics. Only the Koran and the Sunna give us the scale to measure a Muslim. Any Muslim that follows the doctrine of either Meccan Islam or Medinan Islam is a moderate. Medinan Muslims (jihadists) are moderates, just like Meccan Muslims are moderates.

The only extremist Muslim is an apostate, since apostasy is the “extreme” in Islam that is condemned.

Islam is found in the Koran (Mohammed is never discussed)

This is the grand error of Official Islam. Once you know Mohammed, you know Islam. Once you know Mohammed, you know you are a Kafir and it is the purpose of Islam to annihilate you and your culture.

Therefore, it is the prime directive of Official Islam to never mention Mohammed and only talk about the Koran, the book everybody has heard of and nobody has read (and is considered impossible to understand). Sheer belief in the profound nature of the Koran is superstitious behavior.

If someone tries to explain Islam based upon the Koran, he knows very little about this subject. Immediately shift the conversation to Mohammed. You can’t defeat Islam using the Koran, unless you are very skillful, but anyone can use Mohammed and make major ideological points easily.

Of the three Islamic texts—Koran, Sira and Hadith—the Koran is about 16% of the total content of the doctrine [The Relative Sizes of the Trilogy Texts]. Islam is 84% Mohammed and 16% Koran. To know Islam, know Mohammed.

Notice the brilliance of moving the Kafirs’ attention to the Koran, not the Sunna. The conventional wisdom is that you have to understand the Koran to understand Islam. That is what our generation has been taught in our schools. It used to be that the word Islam was not used, but instead the word was Mohammedanism. That name points to truth and to Mohammed. But everybody looks to the book they cannot understand, the Koran.

The Koran has been made impossible to understand without Mohammed. Most of the educated Kafirs never think about Mohammed, they are left ignorant and believing whatever Muslims say.

The “bad stuff” in the Koran is just how it is interpreted

Luckily all of the bad stuff in the Koran has been interpreted in the Sharia, so we don’t need to worry about interpretation. The Sharia says that the verses about fighting in Allah’s cause means killing Kafirs.

There is no “bad stuff” in the Koran. The Koran is crystal clear in its nature. The fact that violence is repeatedly preached in the Koran does not make the Koran bad. Everything is the Koran is pure Islamic goodness. Jihad is part of that Islamic goodness.

Indeed, the entire concept of “good” and “bad” is un-Islamic. In contrast, Islam is based upon what is permitted and not permitted.

Good Muslims will reform the “extremists”

As long as they are following the Sunna, a Muslim is a “good” Muslim. But extremists are merely Medinan Muslims, since they follow the Medinan doctrine of jihad. Extremists are jihadists. Jihadists are the best Muslims and don’t need reform. Indeed, the Koran gives the jihadists political power over the Meccan Muslims, the ones we call good Muslims. Meccan Muslims are subordinate to Medinan Muslims, so reform can only come from Medinan Muslims, not the Meccan Muslims.

Islam is the religion of tolerance

This is Sunna: when Mohammed became a prophet of Allah there were 360 religions in Mecca that were practiced at the Kabah. The Arabs were a very tolerant people. There had never been a religious war in Arabia until Mohammed.

After Mohammed came torture, murder, assassinations, enslavement, rape, theft and deceit. After 23 years of Mohammed, there were no other religions tolerated in Arabia. Mohammed was absolutely intolerant of all Kafirs. Mohammed was one of the most intolerant men who ever lived; therefore, Islam is one of the most intolerant political systems in history.

Islam has a Golden Rule

Show me the Islamic Golden Rule. It is not found in the Koran, the Sira or the Hadith. The very concept of “Kafir” means that the Golden Rule cannot exist. There is no Golden Rule in Islam, since it divides humanity into two unequal groups—believer and Kafir.

After Mohammed became a prophet of Allah, he attacked everyone who did not agree with him. He kept attacking, first verbally and then physically, until everyone agreed to do exactly what he said. That is not the Golden Rule, but it is the Sunna. Mohammed did not follow the Golden Rule, therefore, it is not Sunna, and it is not Islam.

Islam is a wonderful part of American culture

American culture is founded on the moral principle of the Golden Rule and the intellectual principle of critical thought. The Golden Rule is manifest in our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. We have full legal equality of sex, race, religion and freedom of thought, ideas and the media.

Islam denies all of these principles with its dualistic ethics and dualistic logic. It is Islam’s desire to eliminate all of our civilization and it is not part of it, whatsoever. It is not possible for Islam to be a part of our civilization, since it denies our core values.

Islam is the religion of freedom

This is an insult to Islam, since it is the civilization of slaves. Mohammed was a slave of Allah. Muslims are the slaves of Allah. Mohammed enslaved those who did not agree with what he said. Every Muslim is a slave to the Sharia. Freedom is an anathema in Islam. To leave Islam is a death sentence. Apostasy is the worst crime in Islam. If you cannot leave Islam, how is it free?