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Factual Persuasion: Can’t We All Just Get Along?


Kafirs have a basic instinct when faced with Islam—let’s make some compromises. We will do things your way, Islam can reform and life will be good. This will not work and has never worked, but Kafirs refuse to be logical and study Islam to see why compromise won’t work.

We must go through all of the steps of compromise to see why they will fail. In particular, we must see why reform is a logical impossibility. And last, but not least, we must see why the “good” Muslim cannot and will not help to achieve a solution.

The elites tell us that Islam has always been part of one big happy human family. Islam is here and it is a wonderful thing. Islam is a foundational part of our civilization. Muslims make wonderful neighbors.

The elites tell us that if we don’t get along with Political Islam, if we find a problem, then the problem is with us. The fact of the matter is that Mohammed attacked every single neighbor he had. His only success came through violence. His dying words were to hurt Jews, Christians and all Kafirs. Mohammed was Islam and he was never compatible with any Kafir. The Big Lie is just that. There is no way to live with Islam. Life with Islam is a succession of demands. Mohammed never stopped until 100% of his demands were met. That was life with Mohammed—the Sunna.

Islam is a civilization that is designed to extinguish all Kafir civilizations down to their last cultural vestige. Annihilation is Sunna. Mohammed did not stop until the Kafirs surrendered to his demands to change the smallest details of their lives into his way of doing. The last 1400 years of history is proof of the brutal efficiency of Islamic politics. There has never been a culture where Islam and Kafirs existed in long-term peace. After a long enough time period, Islam takes over the civilization. This is the goal of Islam.

Let’s make a deal

But since Kafirs don’t know anything about the history of Islam, they think that we will work this out like we always have. We will find a compromise. After all, in Kafir civilization, progress is made through teamwork and compromise. The first and crucial error is thinking that Islam is analogous to our civilization and that our rules apply to it. Let’s compare Islam with our civilization’s ideals.

Freedom Of Expression

First, the ideal citizen of Islam has no freedom, but is a slave of Allah and the Sunna. Freedom of expression means you can disagree with Islam.

Mohammed laid the perfect example of freedom of expression when he finally gained power in Mecca. In the beginning when he had no power in Mecca, he allowed argument about his doctrine. After he was driven out of Mecca and later returned as its conqueror, he issued death warrants against all of those who had disagreed with him. When Mohammed died, there was not a single person left in Arabia who disagreed with him. Intellectual subservience to Mohammed/Islam was total. The Sharia denies freedom of expression. Islam tolerates discussion of Islam only when it is getting started and is politically weak.

Freedom Of Religion

If you are a Muslim and want to leave Islam, you become an apostate. An Islamic apostate can be killed. An apostate is even a worse creature than a Kafir. The Koran says that apostasy is a crime worse than mass murder.

But doesn’t Islam preach that Christians, Jews and Muslims are all members of the Abrahamic faith? Is that not freedom of religion? In Islam the only real Christians and Jews are dhimmis since they must declare their own scriptures to be corrupt and that Mohammed is the last prophet of both Jews and Christians. Those who don’t are not true Christians and Jews, but Kafirs.

And what about the atheists, Buddhists, Hindus, Jains, and on and on? They are all hated Kafirs just like Christians and Jews. If there is freedom of religion, explain how every Muslim country becomes 100% Islamic eventually? Explain this in terms of freedom or tolerance.


The Koran sanctions and encourages slavery. Mohammed was the perfect slave owner, slave wholesaler, slave retailer, slave torturer and sex slave user. Even though Islam sold Americans every slave, Islam has never acknowledged this fact nor apologized.


In our culture, we have the ability to criticize our own actions and the actions of our political and religious leaders and correct mistakes. Criticism of Islamic religion or politics by Muslims is rare and can be life-threatening.

Freedom of the Press

Due to the publication of the Danish Mohammed cartoons, buildings were burned, people were killed, and almost no newspaper would reprint these political cartoons. You can say anything you want about Islam as long as Islam is not offended. Freedom of the press is forbidden in Sharia law. Sharia blasphemy laws prohibit criticism, or even asking questions, about Islamic doctrine.


Islam is the supreme mono-culture, dedicated to abolishing all other cultures. There is no multiculturalism in Islam. After Islam takes over the host culture devolves into some form of Islam. Where is the Buddhist culture of Afghanistan? the Coptic culture of Egypt? the Berber culture of North Africa? the Christian culture of Iraq? the Zoroastrian culture of Iran? They have all been annihilated.

Equal Justice Under the Law

The Koran specifically says that justice is served with different penalties for Muslims and Kafirs. A Muslim is not to be killed in retaliation for killing a Kafir. A Kafir may not testify against a Muslim in Islamic law. The entire Sharia law is based upon one set of laws for Muslims and another set of laws for Kafirs.


Our ethics are based upon the Golden Rule, with all peoples considered as equal “others”. Islam is based upon dualistic ethics, with one set of rules for Muslims and another set of rules for Kafirs. Kafirs are hated by Allah and are targeted for annihilation by Mohammed. Kafirs must be subjugated. Islamic ethics are dualistic—Muslims are treated well and Kafirs are treated as second-class citizens or worse, if it is deemed necessary to Islam.


In Islam, women are subjugated to the males. In court they are treated as half of a man and they are equal only on Judgment Day. Both the Sunna and the Koran say that wives can be and should be beaten. The Sharia even lays out the precise procedure for wife-beating.


Torture is allowed in the Sunna and the Koran recommends cutting off of hands and feet and crucifying Kafirs. Mohammed repeatedly tortured Kafirs, even to death. Torture of Kafirs is Sunna.

Separation of Church and State

Our Constitution separates the church and state, but Islam demands that religion and state be combined as one unit. Sharia law includes both religious law and secular without distinction. Islam is a theocracy.


Surely friendship is one of the most basic aspects of being human. But Mohammed was never the friend of a Kafir. His uncle, Abu Talib, adopted him, raised him, taught his business trade and protected him from harm by the Meccans. When he died a Kafir, Mohammed’s first words were to condemn him to Hell. There are 12 verses in the Koran that say that a Muslim is not the friend of a Kafir.

Human Rights

There are no human rights in Islam, because there is no humanity in the Koran, just believers and Kafirs. Kafirs have no rights. Kafirs are hated by Allah and are lower than animals.

Since Islam does not have a point of agreement with our civilization, there is no way to find any compromise. Islam is not part of our civilization and does not play by our rules. When we try to use our rules, we always lose. How do you compromise with a civilization based on the principles of submission and duality?