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1001 Inventions is an international educational organisation dedicated to the popularization of the history of science and technology in Muslim civilization during the period known as the Islamic Golden Age. They are active in the western as well as Muslim-majority countries. They use exhibitions, films, books and online content to try and prove that Muslims were behind many inventions, innovations and scientific breakthroughs in the middle ages.

This article analyzes the claims made by this organization to prove how truthful and accurate they are.


A book by 1001 Inventions claims that the word "chairman", as well as the practice of having a chairman for a board, committee or assembly, originated from the Muslim world.[1] Unlike many other inventions, however, the book does not claim that this word was passed on from Muslims to Europe.


The earliest occurrence of the word "chairman" was in 1654, in Bible commentator John Trapp’s Commentary of the Book of Job.[2]