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This is a testimony of a Muslim leaving Islam. It was originally posted at the FFI Forum and has been reproduced here with permission. Views contained in these testimonies are not necessarily endorsed by WikiIslam. See the Testimony Disclaimer for details.
Personal information
Country of origin    Withheld Flag of Withheld.png
Gender    M
Faith Information
Current worldview Atheist
Born or convert to Islam? Born into Islam

Testimony of Leaving Islam[edit]

Hey!, I left Islam a year ago, I was born to two Muslim parents and they raised me up to obey Allah the almighty, Sometimes I felt skeptic but I always reassured myself saying that those questions questioning the integrity of Islam are questions of Satan. I became obsessed with the idea of losing my faith that I was even Afraid that while prostrating I might think about Satan and eventually lose my faith.

I have become a very pious believer 2 times in the past 2 years(before becoming an Atheist), after the second time I left Islam for good. I was confronted by a lot of laws that was about to distort me. The guy who I used to hang out with(he was a pious believer too) started telling me that he have read a book saying that Music and TV are prohibited by Islam. and that I shouldn't shave my beard(There is no way those tiny filaments growing on my face were to be called a beard) and that I should devote the most of my time learning about Islam. Of course God will help me finish my other chores and pass my exams if I do that.

I was changing. Suddenly. I started thinking about how Islam is related to Egyptian, Persian, Greek, Christian, Jewish, Irawi myths. I said that this is a proof that god has sent a lot of prophets to all the people but eventually the stories got distorted and god needed to send a brand new prophet with an up-2-date version of his holy scriptures(If he knew everything, why did he allow his followers to distort his right word and deceive his followers who will end up in hell because of a "divine" whim).

Suddenly I started thinking, I have always been an idealist. Wait a minute, I can't be idealist that way. there is no religion that will order its followers to spend their time trying to learn more about the religion and leave all the aspects of their mundane world. This is NOT an ideal religion at all. Mohammed used to travel before he "suddenly" Became a prophet. Maybe that's how he learned those stories that he parroted in the Quran. How can Solomon have Satans (Demons) Working for him if Satan doesn't obey God? How did Satan reproduce? If god suddenly created the earth, wasn't he bored before doing so? Time is an Earthly thing and is relative, then how did God create the world in six "days"? Why are women ignored at heaven? Won't the people be disgusted with seeing each other having sex all day long? Won't people get bored of having sex and eating like Animals? If I am living in paradise and request something that wasn't even invented till the day of judgment, will god be able to provide me with it? Why did god ignore the creation of jinn in the Quran? Why is the Quran so obsessed with sex? I started asking those questions to some of my friends. Of course I heard the eternal phrase: "Don't question the words of God. They are made By God, if you do that you will commit the grossest sin of all."

I was in a physics class once and asked the teacher about the expansion of universe (I bet he didn't fathom what I was talking about). He warned me saying: "Don't think about those things, otherwise you will commit..blah..blah..blah." Mohammed said that if you memorize the 99 names of God you will go to heaven, right? So can I just memorize those 99 names and commit adultery (after reading the articles on the main website I knew that adultery in Islam is nothing but having sex with the wife of another Muslim - taking his property), kill people, etc? I started making fun of hell (only a very old-fashioned god will use hell to torture people, now there are hundreds of methods to torture people that will be more efficient than boiling water and filthy food. He should know, he's God;the designer, the programmer, the inventor, the creator, the assembler, etc) Then all of a sudden I decided not to be a Muslim anymore. I started making my own theories about the way human beings evolved, using some chemistry and biology; and made my own theory about the soul (there is no such thing as a soul and I can prove it).

Now I enjoy a lot of freedom, the only problem for me is having to go to the Mosque against my will every Friday. and having to hide that I am not fasting. I got rid of the prejudice and starting seeing life from another perspective. My noble goal now is to try to make peace reign, and to migrate to one of those "infidel"(irony) countries to be able to be free.


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