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Farsideology 108.gif Water in Hell Farsideology onfire.gif

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The critical temperature of water is that temperature beyond which the liquid phase of water cannot exist, no matter how much pressure is placed on it. Water has a critical temperature of 374 C or 647 K. This is the red dot on the right side of the Graph. [1]Source

Farsideology teu04.gif So if the temperature of Hell is 1000 C, water must be in one of three possible phases but not the liquid phase.

Phase 1 – If the atmospheric pressure found in Hell is low, water can only exist in the vapor phase. (below the red dot.)

Phase 2 – If the atmospheric pressure of Hell is in the intermediate range, water is a supercritical fluid which is neither the liquid or vapor phase. (to the right of the red dot but above the vapor region -- the light brown square region)

Phase 3 -- If high pressures exist in Hell, water must be in a solid phase -- ICE-VII or Hot Ice ! The solid phase of water is called ice. In our normal daily experiences, ice is cold, but at high pressures and high temperatures ice can be very hot such as in Region VII of Diagram and above the supercritical region.

Farsideology 89.gif Don’t really care what the temperature of Hell is ?

Do you think Saudi Arabia is an excellent model for Dante’s Inferno? Farsideology 1044821796.gif

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Farsideology saburn.gif You too may someday meet Muhammad who is in Circle 8 of the Inferno for sowing discord!

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