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This is a testimony of a Muslim leaving Islam. It was originally posted at the FaithFreedom website and has been reproduced here with permission. Views contained in these testimonies are not necessarily endorsed by WikiIslam. See the Testimony Disclaimer for details.
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Letter to Ali Sina from Cindy[edit]


I don’t know where to start, but I will just get to the point. A few years ago, I was weak and was brainwashed into becoming Muslim. I married a Palestinian man and lived with him for 10 years. Throughout the years I really didn’t understand Islam and had serious doubts, but was told to have more faith and pretty much to shut up. At first, they were very loving and caring towards me. They gave me all sorts of attention as a white American woman who had ‘reverted to Islam’. Well, I came to my senses. I tried to leave my husband 4 years ago, but he had all his friends call me and convince me that I needed him and Islam. Plus, according to AAA, my tires were cut intentionally. Since I didn’t have any friends since being Muslim, I am sure my husband’s friends had something to do with that. I went back to him, but soon regretted it.

To make a long story short, last May I left for good and divorced him. I became Christian (my earlier roots). I am a very devout Christian now. Unfortunately, I like to write. While being in the throes of Islam, I wrote articles, was on radio and visited churches, and was even involved with CAIR, all to promote Islam. Yeah, I know I was ignorant, but I truly thought I was in the will of God for a minute there. Now when I Google my name, I see articles of my “reversion” (conversion to Islam) story all over the internet. I have repeatedly asked them to remove it. Some removed it, but then it pops up on another website.

Now I see that it is on numerous sites owned by Saudi Muhammad Al-Munajjid. This is like fighting a cancer. Before I knew who he was, I sent him an email and asked him to remove the articles from his site, and told him I am a Christian. Then I saw that he had many websites, and most were bought within days of 9/11/2001. I am thinking I probably made a big mistake, especially since I put a big article on my website to try and circulate that page all over the internet to counteract the one that says “Cindy, Ex-Christian”. This sickens me; however, I am not afraid.

Knowing the Muslims how I do, having lived with them for 10 years, do you think I have made a big mistake and should be worried about my safety? How can I get my name off the Internet on these Islamic websites that keep circulating these articles I wrote in my stupidity? I am going to write a book, but that takes time.

Please advise.


Take care and God Bless!


Response from Ali Sina[edit]

Dear Cindy,

I don’t think you should worry for the fact that your testimony of “reversion” is being circulated everywhere. We can publish your testimony of leaving Islam, letting the world know Cindy Dxx is an ex-Muslim to counteract it and this is going to be painful for them. By converting people to Islam, Muslims are working for us. Most of these so called “reverts” re-revert from Islam and become active in our movement to eradicate Islam. Subhanallah!

Said that please take necessary precautions for your safety. If you receive any threats document everything and go to police. Now that the word is out, if God forbid something happen to you, the police will know where to start. Those criminals better be warned if they do not want their filthy religion be further exposed and banned in this country. I suggest you move to a new address where you cannot be traced and hide your identity. Unlist your telephone number and if you are really scared, change your name.

The punishment of apostasy in Islam is clear. The prestigious Islamic site has published a book by Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi where he affirms apostasy in Islam is treason:

  • “Murtad Fitri” means a person who is born of a Muslim parent and then he rejects Islam. “Fitrah” means creation. The term “murtad fitri” implies that the person has apostatized from the faith in which he was born.
  • “Murtad Milli” means a person who converted to Islam and then later on he rejects Islam. Milli is from millat which means religion. The term “murtad milli” implies that the person has apostatized from his religion and the Muslim community.

A former kãfir who became a Muslim and then apostatizes (murtad milli), he is given a second chance: if he repents, then he is not to be killed; but if he does not repent, then he is to be killed. But one who is born as a Muslim and then apostatizes (murtad fitri), he is to be killed even if he repents.

Fortunately, Muslims in America are not strong enough to apply this law. Here they may threaten you, but it is unlikely that they carry out that threat.

Do you have children with this man? Are you still in contact with him? Let me know when you are ready so I can publish your story.


Ali Sina

Response from Cindy to Ali Sina[edit]

I am ready to do whatever I need to do to counteract this nonsense. I don’t want them to take another second of my life. Do I need to write something or do you want to take it from my website? Pretty much my whole story is there. I want to do all I can to counteract what the Muslims are circulating especially since it seems they won’t stop circulating it, even though it is no longer true. Fortunately I do not have children with him. I am in contact with him. I feel he is harmless but I don’t trust his friends. My phone number is already unlisted.

Thanks for your help.


Second Response from Ali Sina[edit]

Dear Cindy,

I am going to publish our correspondence. FFI ranking is good and next time someone searches your name they can read your story of leaving Islam. I would like to ask other bloggers to do the same and let the word spread that Cindy is an ex- Muslim and proud of it. In this way these desperate Muslims will look like fools, and by circulating your outdated story of “revertion” they only look like clowns.

All the best


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