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This is a testimony of a Muslim leaving Islam. It was originally posted at the FFI Forum and has been reproduced here with permission. Views contained in these testimonies are not necessarily endorsed by WikiIslam. See the Testimony Disclaimer for details.
Personal information
Country of origin    Australia Flag of Australia.png
Gender    F
Age    18
Faith Information
Current worldview Christian
Born or convert to Islam? Convert to Islam
Parents' worldview Catholic

Testimony of Leaving Islam[edit]

My name is Carmen. I am a 18 yr old girl from Australia. Last year in September my 19 yr old husband and I came to the Lord from the bondage that is Islam. We have been through so much. Here is our story:

I was brought up by a nominal Catholic family. My dad took me to mass but the whole feel of the church had no affect on me. I loved God and I longed for him. I just didn't know where to find him and then I met this girl at school and she was a nominal Muslim. I started to become very close to her, like sisters, I was at her house everyday. Her family where very religious Muslims and I respected that seeing how my family were not strict religious people. Her family were so welcoming. They soon became my new family and soon after that it made me question the God I was taught to believe in. I started to read the Bible but the words weren't going to my heart and she told me so much things about Islam that I agreed with. She didn't know much about Islam her self but I studied some censored books on Islam. I read the entire Quran and then soon became a Muslim.

Six months later, I met my now husband on an Islamic forum on the Internet. His coming to Islam was similar to mine. He became a Muslim at the age of 12 unbelievably. He always as a young boy had that longing passion to find God. Just as I did so he after 8 months came to Australia to visit me and we decided to get married. So a year later we were married under Islamic law. We then moved into the Islamic town in Sydney. We lived only houses down form the main mosque and my husband started to meet all kinds of Muslims. The majority of Muslims in the area were Arabs, so there was a communication barrier for him. He soon started to slowing stop practicing Islam and this upset me greatly at the time. He was going to university at the time and also he wore the traditional Islamic clothing so he stuck out like glue and on his last day of University passed by a Christian book stall and on it were books talking about how wrong Islam is.

He had never seen anything like this and the Christian man at the stall gave him a flyer talking about Jesus Christ. He respected the fact that the man knew so much about Islam more than my husband had, so he invited the man over our house. I was there also to listen to what the man had to say. I was very reluctant the man showed us disturbing truths about Islam we never could have imagined. So many things! The man was at our house for over 8 hours of discussing Islam. After that night, my husband left Islam. It hurt me so much to think I have put my love and devotion into such a demonic religion. When you're Muslim, it has such a fearful hold on you. It a was much harder for me to let go. So I stayed a Muslim out of fear. My husband spent a lot of time with that Christian man and other brilliant Christians brains, then met a reverend. He has a PRESBYTERIAN church not far from the Islamic area and it was hard for me to meet all those new people so my husband was my only source of Christian Information. 2 weeks later amazingly the lord Jesus Christ chose me and I asked him to forgive my sins and to come into my life. Praise be to the lamb of god!!

My husband and I were baptised in the Presbyterian church soon after. The Church then even organised a Christian wedding for us which was such a beautiful thing for them to do. We came across some problems because remember we were living in the Islamic capital of Australia and living there my husband thankfully couldn't stop talking about the lord to Muslim men. His faith is tremendous but living there became dangerous. My husband as a Muslim met some men involved in a terrorist organisation. He never joined with them he just knew them. If they were to find out about our leaving Islam we would have been killed as it says in the Quran "if muslims leave islam, kill them".

The reverend was discussing this with another Christian and coincidentally, that Christian was going to be leaving his home unoccupied for 2 years. So my husband and I prayed be to Jesus and were able to leave the Islamic area and move into a beautiful safe house.

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