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This is a testimony of a Muslim leaving Islam. It was originally posted at the FFI Forum and has been reproduced here with permission. Views contained in these testimonies are not necessarily endorsed by WikiIslam. See the Testimony Disclaimer for details.
Personal information
Country of origin    Jordan Flag of Jordan.png
Gender    M
Faith Information
Current worldview Atheist
Born or convert to Islam? Born into Islam
Parents' worldview Islam

Testimony of Leaving Islam[edit]

Hello everybody,

Sorry this might be long, I hope some will read it and share it with others if you find it interesting. My name is <secret> and I live in Jordan. My name is secret because Islam is such a dangerous system that I know for a fact that some people will try to hurt me and I don't want to be harmed for saying what I think or what I believe in. I honestly can't risk it, sorry.

O.K. so, I came across this website yesterday, I was wondering what it was about, I started to read through and I liked Ali Sina's articles this is actually the first time I see Arab atheism being discussed freely. Yes, I am an atheist. I was raised a Muslim, I have been abused and been told lies just like almost everyone else. I became an agnostic when I was 18, I challenged god to prove his existence, and I proved to myself that my success with school is because of what I'm doing in school and because of my hard work, not because of god's help. My father kept pushing me and trying to make me do prayer since I was 16 and that was the last time I ever done it. I've always questioned god. and I've tried so hard to find him but I never did.

It wasn't the faults or the massive corruption of Islam that made me leave it. It was the simple fact that god doesn't exist. and therefor I reject god and religion in every way possible. No matter what that religion is. It is false. It doesn't take a scientist to prove that god doesn't exist. I did not seek an alternative for Islam like some others who change from Islam to Christianity or the other way round. Its quiet silly to me when I hear about it. Its like replacing dog crap with goat crap. It only tastes different but smells the same.

In most religions that I've looked into, they start teaching you the good things. Like don't lie, Muhammad never lied, everyone else lied, he was the only one who doesn't lie. he was bla bla, we should be bla bla. Some might think these were true, well let me tell you something, these things have only existed in fairy tales to be told to little kids to make them love Muhammad, and sadly it worked for me and for more of us. we been brainwashed with these lies in the very beginning of our understanding to things, we've been taught me to read quran before we could even say our names. Once they took over your heart and made you love someone and something it is easy to make you follow his will especially when you're always being threatened by eternal punishment in the dungeons of hell. It's the place where you'll be burned and tortured over and over forever and ever in pain and darkness and evil madness with no mercy and no escape and nobody will help you and even your mom and dad and wife and kids and friends and everybody will leave you and laugh at you. And that everything evil that you're not supposed to do is not your own will. and not your need, they explained it to us that it is the devil who is trying to take over your mind and deceive you because he wants you to be burned because he's made of fire and because he likes to torture little kids.

And then they go back to tell you about the heaven, where you will get all the toys and the foods and candy and where you can watch all the cartoons and get whatever you will ever ask for instantly when you think about it for free without any effort, and all the angles will look after you and pamper you and give you massage every day forever. Once our brains were filled with love and happiness on one hand and with pain and evil on the other hand it is easy for us to follow that track and move into the next level where the section of the things you can't do. You can't do anything obviously in Islam. and then they tell you about the things that you have to do, like pay money and feed everyone else. And then comes the hate section.

We've been told that everything around us is god's will, you ask god for everything and that everything you have is what god gave you. And therefor you owe god a lot of thanking. Thank you god for food, thank you god for water, god, can I have candy tonight? if you do, then god gave it to you, and if you don't uh well, keep asking and begging. and the story goes on and I wont be able to finish writing tonight if I wanna say it all.

Some people ask me what I believe in. Their brains are very limited to religion, thinking that everyone has to have a religion. Well, no thanks, I don't need a religion, and I don't need your standards, I'll choose for myself. I know right from wrong. and I know I don't know it all, and I know that my standards aren't from this god, or that god and therefor I accept debates and I take different opinions to collect my morality through logical inspection based on facts and comparisons rather than based on a book written by a worthless piece of junk thousands of years ago. That has been moved and written from person to person and altered and who knows what did those in the power do with it to suite their needs knowing what it really was or not.

Anyway, I don't want to talk too much in here.

Salam / Peace everyone ( not the Islamic fake peace, but the real one )

And remember, god does not exist. Fairy tales and baloney does. Have a nice day.

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